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“He’s a fraud, an imposter”: Skip Bayless brutally reprimand Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy

Skip Bayless left no stone unturned in letting the world know how much he is livid with Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy.

Skip Bayless and Mike McCarthy

The Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the 49ers in the Wild Card Playoff game and as expected, a lot of their admirers were left fuming. The Cowboys looked a little out of sorts and failed miserably in the first and third quarters which allowed the 49ers to move further in the league.

After the contest ended, innumerable Cowboys fans were seen crying in anguish. In fact, experts of the game who had blind faith in the Cowboys were left out in the open to be slaughtered by the trolls. One such expert is Skip Bayless.

“McCarthy doesn’t know how to win”: Skip Bayless

Mike McCarthy

Recently, Skip had a few things to say about Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy on The Undisputed. He told his ‘good friend’ Shannon Sharpe, “You are rooting for Mike McCarthy to be back because you know the Cowboys will go bad to worse next year.”

McCarthy got exposed this year, he is a fraud, he is an imposter, he is nothing but a bystander, he is a spectator during games, he adds little to nothing to the final product that should have been a Cowboys team advancing to play the Bucs but unfortunately, that did not happen,” he added.

Skip went on to add that Mike was reduced to defend himself pathetically after the Cowboys managed to win the division. “Could you imagine Thomas Wade Landry ever having to say that to the media, ‘I know how to win.’ We just knew you knew how to win because you won.”

Can you imagine the great Jimmy Johnson ever being reduced to telling the media, ‘I know how to win.'” Skip went to add that he’s not sure if Mike McCarthy ever knew how to win. Without a doubt, the Cowboys have shown great promise, season after season, however, season after season, they have failed to leave any mark in the playoffs.

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