“Be ready for psycho Tom”: Skip Bayless reckons Aaron Donald’s provocative comment will only push Tom Brady to unleash

Here's what Skip Bayless had to say about Aaron Donald after he made some interesting remarks about Tom Brady.

Aaron Donald and Tom Brady
Aaron Donald and Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an absolute superstar of the game. Despite all the drama around Antonio Brown, he has kept his side together and has led them very well. Often regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom is eyeing back-to-back Super Bowl wins with the Bucs.

In the first playoff game against the Eagles, Brady and Co were absolutely sensational. They do have all the arsenal in the world to go the distance. Adding more spice to the competition, the war of words has already started before the Bucs versus Rams divisional round match-up.

“Tom Brady is Jordanesque”: Skip Bayless

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan
Tom Brady and Michael Jordan

LA Rams’ offensive tackle recently claimed that although he respects Brady for what he has done in the past, the Rams are ready for him. “It’s a new year. Respect what he did in the past, but it’s a whole new year,” Donald said as reported by LA Times.

Talking about Aaron’s statement, Skip Bayless on The Undisputed claimed that such statements are going to push Tom Brady to show everyone what he is capable of. “I love what Aaron said, for Brady’s sake. There is one man (Tom Brady) I do not bet against when you push all the chips to the middle of the table,” Skip said.

Skip further added that although Brady looks nothing like Michael Jordan, he is ‘Jordanesque’ for sure. He said that Jordan used to look for reasons to beef with somebody on the other side in order to fuel his competitive rage and Brady is no different.

Skip said that Brady would be thinking that Aaron has called him a ‘has been.’ “I like Aaron, the Rams are fortunate to have him as a team leader. However, I would caution him to be very careful about what you say about the GOAT,” Bayless stated.

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