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“Super Bowl Champs and Josh Allen for MVP” – Former Bills WR Emmanuel Sanders makes BOLD predictions

Here's what Emmanuel Sanders thinks will happen for the Bills and Josh Allen in 2022

Josh Allen and Emmanuel Sanders

Josh Allen had a stunning season in the 2021 campaign. He led the Buffalo Bills to the divisional round where they suffered an unfortunate loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in OT. There was a lot of heat in the league when the Bills lost a well-deserved seat to the AFC title game just because they lost the OT coin toss.

Following that, the NFL has changed the OT rules that now guaranteed possessions to both teams in OT making it a fair game. Coming back to Josh Allen’s performance, many believed that he has all the makings of a great QB and is going to dominate the league in the coming years.

“He’s just so dynamic” – Emmanuel Sanders is confident Josh Allen will be the MVP for the 2022 season

Josh Allen

Emmanuel Sanders, former Buffalo Bills wide receiver who played for the team in the 2021 season has made some bold predictions for the Bills and Josh Allen on Good Morning Football. “I definitely believe Josh Allen will win the MVP. For me I got the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl for sure,” Sanders said. “I’ve played with so many great QBs and this guy right here (Josh Allen) he always pops up in the front of my mind. He’s just so dynamic.”

The AFC this year is filled with great QBs making it tougher for teams to win games. Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and Justin Herbert to name a few are the QBs contending in the AFC. The Bills were loaded last year on offense as well as defense. The addition of 2x Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to the defense has increased their chances of making it to the Super Bowl exponentially.

Josh Allen garnered over 4,407 yards for 36 touchdowns and 15 INTs. He had one of the best cold-weather football games in the history of the NFL against Bill Belichick and the Patriots in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Owing to his performance last year, many believe Josh Allen will be the front runner for MVP in 2022 and may lead the Bills to the Super Bowl.

Gabriel Davis

Emmanuel Sanders also heaped praise on Gabriel Davis who also shined in the regular as well as the postseason. Sanders believes Davis will be a Pro Bowl receiver in the 2022 season. “He’s gonna have a breakout year. He’s a Pro Bowl caliber player,” Sanders added. With the Bills being stacked on all fronts this season, it’ll be a treat to watch them dominate in a conference filled with great QBs fighting to get that Super Bowl ring.

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