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“You have to be MAN enough to know when to change things”: Todd Bowles reflects on his forgettable stint with the Jets

Here's what Todd Bowles had to say about his stint with the Jets

Todd Bowles and Bruce Arians

It is rather common to expect some drama during the offseason. However, what has happened in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ camp over the past few weeks has left innumerable NFL fans scratching their heads in disbelief as the dose of drama has broken all records.

First, Tom announced that he is ready to make a comeback, just a few weeks after he called it quits. The Bucs were ecstatic as their star QB decided to take the field yet again. However, their joy was cut short when Bruce Arians suddenly announced his retirement.

“When you take a head job for the first time, you have to wear a lot of hats”: Todd Bowles

Todd Bowles

Although there was a lot of talk about Tom pushing Arians out of the team, the former head coach clarified that he is leaving right away as he wants to leave the well-settled team for Todd Bowles, the new HC. Bowles, who will now serve as the head coach for the Bucs spent four years as the head coach for the Jets.

However, the stint turned out to be a rather forgettable one as he was not able to guide his team to the playoffs even once and was fired after a forgettable 24-40 record. However, Bowles thinks the results will be different for the Bucs as after he got fired from the Jets, he started seeing things differently and rectified the errors in his approach.

I think when you take a head job for the first time you have to wear a lot of hats, but you had never experienced wearing those hats,” Bowles recently said as reported by NBC. “When you understand that going in without the experience I think you tend to do things a little differently.”

You have to be man enough to know when you can change things. Usually when people get fired they blame everybody else. The first thing I did was look within myself, and there were a lot of things I can do better,” he further claimed. It will be interesting to see how Bowles’ side performs in the coming season.

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