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“I imagine watching football and saying, these guys suck”: Tom Brady on why he continues to play in his 40s

This is what Tom Brady had to say when he was asked as to why he keeps playing in his mid-40s.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an absolute superstar in the world of the NFL. Often regarded as one of the greatest of all time, Brady has demolished several records in his illustrious career. He spent his first 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and played a major role in taking the franchise to great heights.

Passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, or games started, the man has got numbers that seem too good to be true in almost all facets of the game. The superstar is in his 40s and still delivering incredible performances. In a recent interview, he talked about why he is continuing to play.

“Most challenging part is the emotional aspect of football for me”: Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Brady told Wertheim that he often imagines what the scenes would be like when he stops playing the sport. “And I imagine watching football on Sundays going, ‘These guys suck. I could do way better than that.’ And then still knowing in my heart that I actually could still do it. If I stopped, I think I’d have to find something else that I’m pretty good at. And I don’t think that you know, I’m going to be able to jump into something that has the same amount of excitement.”

He also talked about what would be his approach when his form hits rock bottom. “Regressing would be a very difficult thing for me to see,” Brady said. “As soon as I see myself regress, I’ll be like, ‘I’m out.’ I don’t really want to see myself get bad. So it’s just a constant pursuit of trying not to be bad.”

I think if anything, the most challenging part is the emotional aspect of football for me,” Brady added. “When we lose, it’s depressing. When we win, it’s a relief. It’s not like the joy, the happiness — it’s a relief. Because when we win, sometimes just winning isn’t good enough for you, because you expect perfection, and when you expect perfection and it’s less than perfect, you feel like there’s a down part to that.”

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