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“I’m a pain in their a**”: Tom Brady talks about his relationship with the NFL officials

Here's what Tom Brady said when he asked if he gets favorable treatment from the NFL officials.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a superstar in the world of the NFL. Even at 44 years of age, the man continues to break records and rule the game. After guiding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win in 2021, the star QB is eyeing the ultimate glory yet again in 2022.

Through the years, Brady has been nothing short of sensational. However, when someone achieves so much in any particular sport, that person, more often not, finds himself amidst a few controversies as well. Innumerable fans have claimed on multiple occasions that Brady gets favorable treatment by the refs.

“I have got away with a lot of unsportsmanlike conduct”: Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Talking about the same, Tom Brady had a few things to say on SiriusXM NFL radio show. The host asked Brady as to why the perception that he gets favorable treatment from the refs exist even when he had just one roughing the passer call in the entire season.

I always hear that to different degrees about getting the penalties and so forth and roughing the passers. I don’t even remember the last time I got roughing the passer,” Brady said, adding that one should look at the stats to know who has got the most roughing the passer penalties.

I don’t think I get them as much as the people may think I get them. I do know that they probably let me get away for a lot of unsportsmanlike conduct, talking smack to the other team, talking smack to the refs when I don’t think I get the right call,” Brady further claimed.

I am kind of a pain in ther a** if you already don’t know that,” Brady further stated. People have made claims that Brady often gets away with a lot due to his reputation, however, Brady made it clear that it is nothing more than a misconception.

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