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Twitter Reacts To Myles Garrett Decorating His House Lawn With Tombstones Of Quarterbacks

As Myles Garrett decorated his house lawn with the tombstones of quarterbacks, netizens cannot have enough looking at the image as Halloween approaches.

Myles Garrett has been owning quarterbacks throughout the season and now he took it to another notch by giving it a tangible sense of gloom. As the Halloween spirit has already started taking flight, the NFL sack leader has now given it an eerie touch by bedecking his front yard with the sepulchers of all the quarterbacks that he has interred six feet under.

As mentioned above, Garrett has festooned his house lawn with graves that have the names of the quarterbacks that he has dominated embossed upon them. Not only has he created the tombstones for the quarterbacks that he has already dictated but also the ones who are in the line that includes the likes of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray who will be up against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday.

This is what Myles Garrett had to say about his Halloween decorations

Twitter Reacts To Myles Garrett Decorating His House Lawn With Tombstones Of Quarterbacks 2

Garett cited, “I’m kind of a troll, a little bit. People in my house like to have fun. My family and my friends thought it would be something cool to do for Halloween because I’ve always said I love Halloween.” He also said that the idea for the cemetery belonged to his dad and he had someone work out the tombstones for him. He has been in the midst of a lot of attention ever since the first photo of his front yard became viral on social media via TMZ.

In fact, he also said that people have been driving to his house to witness this surreal spectacle which he has always found pretty bizarre. However, he was open to the idea of trick-or-treaters on the evening of October 31st, a couple of hours after Cleveland’s game against Pittsburgh Steelers. He concluded by saying, “I can’t say no to kids when trick-or-treating comes around. I’ll definitely be there giving out candy.” Twitter couldn’t contain their excitement as this eerie spectacle of tombstones deluging Garrett’s backyard started doing the rounds for all the right and eerie reasons.

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