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Watch: Saturday Night Live Mimics Their Hilarious Take on Jon Gruden Email Scandal

Watch how Fake Jon Gruden addressed the fans on his Email Scandal on Saturday Night Live, elaving fans in splits.

Fake Jon Gruden on Saturday Night Live

It seems like after heaps of criticism being thrown toward the way of coach Jon Gruden, he finally thought on coming to the Saturday Night Live show and address them. Don’t worry it wasn’t the real Gruden, but a fake one which ended up leaving fans in splits. To those who are not aware, the world of NFL was shocked when a string of emails from the former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden went viral. After which he stepped down from his position because of the hatred shown towards him by the fans. 

Now, Saturday Night Live which is a satirical show did not back down from making the most out of this opportunity as fake Jon Gruden and Roger Goodell were present to address the fans after the controversy. Now talking about the clip which has left the fans in splits, the video opens with the Saturday Night Live version of Roger Goodell being booed. 

Jon Gruden

Watch how Roger Goodell and Jon Gruden Addressed Email Scandal for Fans on Saturday Night Live 

As the anti-gay or rather more slangs and slurs in the mail were completely unacceptable, Saturday night live goes ahead to make fans witness Gruden making excuses for the fans. The slurs used by Gruden were simply a reference to freight boats and had nothing to do with being homophobic. 

The racial trope used by the perhaps, real, Jon Gruden about DeMaurice Smith, who is the head of the NFLPA, has also been turned around and used to describe a “dark” sense of humor and has no realtion to do with being racist. 

Saturday Night Live always has a funny way of turning horrible situations into something that almost seems silly and makes the fans laugh about it. The landscape of the National Football League and the collective world is geared toward inclusivity and diversity in a much larger way. Many players currently showcase decals on their helmets that say “stop the hate” and “end racism.” NFL not being the only league, were such instances take place yet everyone wants to see the end of it. 

Having said that, any use of language of this horrid nature is a sure-fire way to never be able to work in the NFL world ever again. That all from the Jon Gruden email scandal for now.

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