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“We don’t play for ties”- Charles Woodson wants Los Angeles Chargers and Raiders to play for win

Charles Woodson gives his views about the matchup between Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders and the way it should be played irrespective of the result of Colts match

We are heading into the last week of the regular NFL season and playoff spots are still up for contention majority of which are pursued by the AFC teams. If the Indianapolis Colts failed to win their match against the Jaguars then that can bring major ‘chaos’ in the match between Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders.

If the colts lose then both the Chargers and Raiders can qualify for the playoffs if their match ends in a tie and the expectations seem to arise whether both the teams will just take the knee for 60 mins resulting in a tie and helping both teams to qualify for the playoffs.

The playing-for-tie situation doesn’t seem to please famous NFL analyst Charles Woodson, he said, “We don’t play for ties man! We’re going for the win. Both teams should play for the win and avoid the easy way out in case that situation arises.”

High Expectations from Los Angeles Chargers


The Los Angeles Chargers will be hoping to win the game and qualify directly to the playoffs irrespective of what the outcome is in the Colts game. Chargers will be led by their upcoming superstar quarterback Justin Herbert who has been sensational throughout the season and just needs to add a bit of consistency to be one of the top 5 QBs in the league.

The Los Angeles Chargers currently have a record of 9-7 and are 2nd in the AFC West just behind of Kansas City Chiefs in which Herbert has thrown for 4631 yards with 35 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions while having a passing rating of 99.5 which are in fact really good numbers.

If my coach to me and said, Hey guys we are going to play for the tie and help the Chargers also qualify for the playoffs then He is dead to me,” said Charles Woodson.

Charles added, “You play to win and not to tie, both the Los Angeles Chargers and Raiders should give their best and earn that playoff spot by their talent on the field.”

The Las Vegas Raiders on the other hand would also be hoping to win the game and qualify directly for the playoffs by eliminating their fierce rivals. Raiders currently also have a record of 9-7 and are 3rd in AFC West behind Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

The Raiders would hope to get a big performance from their QB Derek Carr who has been decent throughout this season while throwing for 4618 yards with 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with a passer rating of 94.3

Carr and Renfron

Regardless of what other people say, fans would love a Kneeling showdown by the 2 teams if Colts lose to the Jaguars, which has not been seen in the sport before and would cause a meltdown everywhere.

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