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“Didn’t expect to play today” – Brad Marchand said on return as Boston Bruins win

Boston Bruins beat Winnipeg Jets 3-2 on Saturday while Brad Marchand assisted on the game-winning goal at the TD Garden.

Brad Marchand

Boston Bruins left winger and alternate captain Brad Marchand made a surprise return to the lineup and assisted on the game-winning goal on Saturday. The leading goal-scorer of his side had earlier left on Thursday with an apparent right shoulder injury.

Marchand reckoned after the match that he didn’t expect himself to play in this match. He further went on to laud the training staff for his recovery.

It’s been a little bit of a whirlwind. I didn’t really expect to play today either,” said Marchand, who nonetheless led all Bruin forwards in ice time (19:35). “I just give our training staff a ton of credit. They kind of threw everything at it and we just focused on trying to calm it down. (Friday) the night I started feeling OK. I really wasn’t sure this morning, but I jumped on the ice and felt OK.

“Going to take a lot to sit out” – Marchand

Marchand also mentioned how hard it’s for him to sit out and miss any game. But he considered himself lucky enough to play against the Winnipeg Jets and wishes to never miss a match in future.

“It’s hard to sit out a game. It’s going to take a lot to sit out. It’s always been part of the culture of this organization that, if you feel you can play, you’ve got to battle through it. You almost feel like you’re letting the guys down if you sit out. It’s a tough decision, because the last thing you want to do is put the team at a disadvantage if I did get in and had to come out at some point in the game.

I’m more thankful that nothing bad happened tonight and we had a big win. It’s great to be a part of it. It’s a treat to be a part of this league and be able to play every night. You don’t want to ever miss a game,” he added.

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