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“It’s a bit worrisome” – Panthers’ coach Andrew Brunette says ‘can’t rely on comebacks’

Florida Panthers coach Andrew Brunett expresses concern about falling back early after the latest striking OT victory.

Coach Andrew Brunette

Andrew Brunette is concerned about how the team is playing these days. Sure he loves the high-end plays Jonathan Huberdeau is showing, but this isn’t something you get used to. Brunette watched how Huberdeau capped off the 5 point performance with a goal at 2:47 of overtime with a striking 7-6 victory against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday. It was a record match that the players and the guests will never forget. The comeback was simply astonishing. 

Jonathan Huberdeau became the first in Florida Panthers history to score 100 points in a season and finish the game at 102 assisting Florida to have its 5th consecutive win. But Brunette can’t accept the way Panthers failed behind by 5-1 in the second period before coming back. Coach Brunette said, “It’s a bit worrisome as much as it is impressive,”. “Obviously we know we can score goals but it’s just some of the things we’re doing to fall behind and not be prepared for what was coming.

Coach Andrew Brunette’s concern for the Florida Panthers

Florida Panthers vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Coach Andrew Brunette wishes to stop performing like this and to focus and mend the ways that are lacking. In this respect, he says, “A lot of grit in this group. We know that. It’s just that we have to stop doing this because this isn’t a good sign.”

Once again Panthers scored 5 straight goals in a 7-6 comeback win at the New Jersey Devils, as stated on goalnoor.com. In this game the Florida Pantherstrailed 6-2 after entering the 3rd period. Since 1996, Florida hasn’t won the Stanley Cup, still leading the Eastern Conference with 49-15-6 points. The Panthers were close to the Cup before being washed away by the Colorado Avalance. 

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Brunette understands very well that the postseason dry spell won’t break off easily if the team keeps on digging holes since the beginning of the games. Brunette says, “A little bit helter-skelter at both ends,”. “It’s entertaining but it’s not going to win you a lot of games in the playoffs.”

Huberdeau is second in the scoring race, trailing just behind the Edmonton Oilers center Connor McDavid, who has scored 106 points, adding the 41 goals and 65 assists. But now Huberdeau is mostly focused on team play. He agrees with coach Brunette in saying, the team needs to pull themselves together. 

“It’s been a roller coaster,” he said. “We’ve had some tough years. But I want to win for this organization. I was drafted here. They believed in me. And I’m still here after 10 years.

“Now is our time, I feel.”

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