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SHOCKING! Puck Personality reveals Sidney Crosby dreamed to be firefighter while Gabriel Landeskog fantasized about PGA Tour

Can you imagine what the NHL would be without Sidney Crosby, Gabriel Landeskog, Matthew Tkachuk, or the others? Let’s find out their dream jobs other than being an NHL player.

Sidney Crosby, and Gabriel Landeskog

Recently on Puck Personality, NHL players were asked what they would do if they weren’t NHL superstars. Their answers shocked listeners as well as entertained them. Some fans may have even visualized their dream job image in their head.


Starting from firefighters to architecture to selling cars, the NHL players spread their ideas on a white sheet. Among the many NHL players who participated in this questionnaire, a few names were quite popular like – Pittsburg Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Stanley Cup Champions captain Gabriel Landeskog.

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Puck Personality unmasks Sidney Crosby, Gabriel Landeskog, and other NHL player’s dream jobs

Auston Matthews, Mark Scheifele, and Matthew Tkachuk

But they weren’t the only ones to participate. Toronto Maple Leafs’ alternate captain Auston Matthews, Florida Panthers winger Matthew Tkachuk, and Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele are a few to name.

Since we almost got spoiled on Sidney Crosby and Gabriel Landeskog’s dream, let’s start with them! Crosby stated, “I wanted to be a firefighter. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to be one, but yeah that’s what I was.”

While Landeskog dropped a surprise bomb for all the NHL fans out there as well as PGA Tour fans. He said, “I would love to think I can play on the PGA Tour but I don’t think that’s realistic.” Well, who knows whether it’ll be realistic or not? Maybe he should try once. Obviously after retiring from NHL.

We can’t be missing the Colorado Avalanche’s captain from NHL now right? As answers kept rolling, Auston Matthews revealed his alternate dream too. But it wasn’t as unexpected as being on PGA or a firefighter. Rather it circled around sports.

Similar to Crosby there was another player with the same dream – Matthew Tkachuk. He said that his “grandpa was a fireman” so he would have ended up on a truck if it wasn’t hockey right now.

Edmonton Oilers alternate captain, Leon Draisaitl stated, “I’m good at imitating people, so maybe I don’t know. Comedian in some type of way.” Now personally, I would love Leon to play the role of a comedian. What about you?

On the other hand, Los Angeles Kings captain Anze Kopitar told Puck Personality, that he’ll probably be “doing something in the film industry” if he wasn’t an NHL player. Vegas Golden Knights alternate captain Alex Pietrangelo had the best answer among all.

He stated, “When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher, like a gym teacher. But now I realize how hard it is to teach kids. I don’t know if that’s still going to apply”.  

But these were only a few answers among several other NHL participants. To know who else took part in this session, you can listen to the podcast below:

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