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“Open for trade” – Tampa Bay Lightning currently exploring trade fit for defenceman Ryan McDonagh

Tampa Bay Lightning is set on making a few tough decisions including trading core player Ryan McDonagh.

Ryan McDonagh

The Tampa Bay Lightning is working with Lightning defenceman and alternate captain Ryan McDonagh to see if there’s a team he would consider a trade to. Both parties are not willingly agreeing to such conditions but given the circumstances, they are moving forward with it. McDonagh has always had a tremendous effect on the team, especially during Game 5 of the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals.

It is confirmed through various sources that Tampa Bay Lightning is a tough spot to make a few calls unwillingly. The Lightning is hoping to keep some of their unrestricted agents like Ondrej Palat, Nick Paul, and Jan Rutta, but it’s impossible to keep them without any consequences. They have to make sacrifices in order to keep the free agents on their team.

2021 Stanley Cup Championship

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Tampa Bay Lightning to trade-off Ryan McDonagh

Ryan McDonagh

Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman and centre Ryan McDonagh is a great teammate and is quite popular among the players who were disappointed to hear the possibility of a trade-off. McDonagh still has four seasons remaining on a cap hit of $6.67 million, with a full no-trade clause. So his decision lies with him. If he decides to stick with the Lightning they can’t force him to choose otherwise. 

He has the second-highest salary among Lightning defencemen, behind Victor Headman with $7.875 million, and the sixth highest on the team. The Lightning withheld McDonagh in last year’s expansion draft. But next season’s $82.5 million salary cap has put the Lightning in a tough spot, where it’s already running at $2 million over the cap, as noted on tampabay.com

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The free agency opens on July 13th, but the Tampa Bay Lightning may make a move before that, possibly by July 7-8 draft in Montreal. Ryan McDonagh has been an integral part of the Lightning ever since his trade with the Rangers. He contributed greatly to the 2021 Stanley Cup Championship where Lightning coach Jon Cooper greatly appreciated his efforts. He is ranked 3rd among LIghtning defensemen in average ice time, trailing Hedman, and Segachev.

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