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“Why are you so pissy”- Leon Draisaitl gets in a heated altercation with journalist after an ‘annoying’ question

The Oilers haven't won a match in a month, and have lost 12 of their last 14 games since December 18 in Seattle.

Leon Draisaitl

Edmonton Oilers alternate captain Leon Draisaitl was caught in a heated banter with a veteran Edmonton sports reporter on Wednesday after his side’s loss. The Oilers went 4-6 against Ottawa Senators at their home ground, Rogers Place to continue at the second-last spot in the Points of the ongoing National Hockey League (NHL) season.

Soon after the game ended, the German ice hockey centre addressed the press conference but didn’t look in a mood to take inquiries from Postmedia Journalist Jim Matheson.

Matherson, whose career has seen him be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, asked: “Do you think over the last two years you’ve been second in your division and you showed a lot of maturity but now you’ve lost six in a row twice. Do you think your team passed without getting into these long losing streaks?

“Sure, yeah,” Draisaitl replied.

“We have to get better at everything”

Senators beat Oilers 6-4

“Lots of reasons for why the Oilers are playing the way they are in terms of winning or losing. What do you think is the number one reason for the losses that you think in your mind you’re saying we got to get better at?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah, we have to get better at everything,” Draisaitl answered with a wave of his hand.

“Would you like to expand on that?” Matheson pressed.

“No, you can do that. You know everything,” Draisaitl shot back.

“Why are you pissy, Leon?” Jim asked a rhetorical question. 

“I’m not. I’m just answering your question,” the Oilers player replied.

The journalist further questioned: “Not a very good one. I have one more for you. Leon, you showed your frustration on the ice in the last game against Ottawa. Is that a good thing when you show it, so the other team knows you are frustrated?”
“Yeah, it’s a great thing for sure,” he answered with a smile, then got up and walked away.

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