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Text exchanges between Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend hint at rocky relationship and split

Screenshots posted by Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend seems to indicate tension among the two.

Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari (pic courtsey: Chiara Passari Instagram)

Nick Kyrgios’ relationship with Chiara Passari appeared to be on the verge of collapse after a heated text exchange was shared on Instagram by Passari. Their love seemed to be soaring to new heights during this year’s Australian Open. But the couple has once again raised doubts about their tumultuous relationship following curious behavior on social media.

Last week, Kyrgios and Passari deleted photos of each other from their Instagram profiles before uploading Valentine’s Day messages a few days later. Passari also shared a series of cryptic Instagram stories this month, posting and then deleting an even more explosive message on the weekend.

“Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they’re being unfaithful,” Passari posted earlier this month. Kyrgios, however, indicated they were on track by writing messages like “Miss u Chizzel” on the camera lens after his Australian Open matches. But the social media posts took an ugly turn when Passari shared a screenshot of messages exchanges between the two that has gathered some concern.

Nick Kyrgios’ messages to his girlfriend revealed

Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari on July 2020 (pic courtsey: Instagram)

As of Tuesday evening, Kyrgios and Passari do not follow each other on the social media platform. Passari flew from Canberra to attend Kyrgios’ third-round Australian Open match against Dominic Thiem, which proved to be a five-set thriller. Kyrgios and Passari spent Valentine’s Day together in Melbourne. However, she was captured leaning awkwardly away from his attempt to kiss her during an Australian Open broadcast.

Last Thursday, Passari posted an image of herself with Kyrgios, which was captioned: “I have learnt a lot and am also learning a lot about myself since meeting you. There will always be struggles but as long as that magic and those unforgettable experiences are there it’s all worth it. Happy belated Valentine’s. I love you.”

There has been no official update from either side regarding their relationship. But it will be safe to assume they may have parted ways.

Transcript of the texts

Kyrgios: “Bye”

Kyrgios: “Hahaha you got a dude there hahahaha”

Kyrgios: “Too good.”

Kyrgios: “You disgust me … haha”

Kyrgios: “Hahahahhaaha”

Kyrgios: “So good”

Kyrgios: ‘Enjoy your life hshshs’

Passari: “You just told me everything without even knowing hahahaha.”

Kyrgios: “What?”

Kyrgios: “Haha”

Passari: “I’m sorry you hate yourself”

Kyrgios: “Goodluck”

Passari: “Be in Canberra the rest of your life … hahahahaha”

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