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Nick Kyrgios’ neighbour slams him for his entitled car parking habit

Nick Kyrgios is currently on a break from the ATP tour and will return after the clay-court season and will feature at the Wimbledon.

Nick Kyrgios & Costeen Hatzi

Even when he is not playing tennis and is not on tour, Nick Kyrgios is grabbing all the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Recently his neighbour called him out for his entitled car parking habits. Kyrgios’ neighbour claimed that the Australian’s lime colour Test model X was almost nightly parked in a car share zone in Zetland, a suburb of Sydney.

His neighbour did not concede Kyrgios’ name but called him out for his eccentric parking habits. She gave enough hints to make people understand that it was Nick Kyrgios on her a Facebook Community post where she was asking for help and also to resolve the issue. The Australian Doubles champion was the culprit confirmed when his girlfriend’s sister came out to defend Kyrgios on the Facebook post making things completely clear.

“Looking for some advice here, it’s a tricky one, we have a car share allocated spot right out the front of our apartment building,’ the neighbour wrote. “Recently a very well known famous and quite notorious tennis player has decided that he is somehow entitled to park in it with his own vehicle.

“I don’t want to name and shame the guy but he’s very famous and parks in this car share space almost nightly, meaning that anybody that has a Go Get or Car Next Door vehicle has no option to park there, as you can see the other night our friends had to park their Car Next Door vehicle illegally behind him as he had parked his car in the dedicated car share space?” she continued.

Nick Kyrgios will be back on tour again during the grass-court season

Nick Kyrgios

Mary Hatzi, who is Nick Kyrgios‘ girlfriend Costeen Hatzi’s sister jumped straight right in to defend the Australian Open Doubles champion. The reply from her on the post made it clear that the culprit tennis player was surely Nick Kyrgios. “Hey all, to be fair, he didn’t realise it was a car share spot,’ she commented.’He parked there to allow other car spots for those who can’t find parking in the area. Nick (Kyrgios) understands and will move his car. Thank you for all your kind messages.”

However, not everyone was there to shame Nick Kyrgios as someone people understood Mary Hatzi’s perspective. Some people highlighted how many people in Zetland illegally park their cars anywhere and everywhere and such outrage is not faced by normal people.

Nick Kyrgios last featured at the ATP Houston clay-court event and after that, he is taking a break from the ATP tour and will skip the clay-court season including the Roland Garros. He will again return to action during the grasscourt season and will feature at the Wimbledon this year.

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