NIS Patiala make changes in their admission policy


Athletes coaching at the Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports (NSNIS) in Patiala, will be getting direct admission to the flagship diploma course every year in sports.

The revamped admission policy of the course has included this provision for the first time, and the procedure will start from the 2020-21 season with an effort to encourage participation of eminent sportsperson in the sports coaching sector.

For the first time the entrance exams will not be held manually, and has been made online. Not only this change but the number of seats has also increased from 566 to 725, in keeping with the restructuring of various sporting disciplines and need of the country.

As per the key modifications, it has been proposed that there will be direct admission to the course, without any written test or interview for the eminent athletes who have either participated in the Olympics or medal in World championship or gold medal in Asian/Commonwealth Games.

This inclusion of first-of-its-kind for eminent athletes has been proposed in order to encourage them for coming into the field of sports coaching.
In 23 sporting disciplines, there are 46 seats reserved for the eminent athletes both (men and women).

Virtual interview and sporting achievements have been changed to reduced subjectivity and increase objectivity in the process, in order to marking the three parameters of educational qualifications.
The marks has been brought down to 10 instead of 15, which were allotted to minimum educational qualification (10+2, Graduation).

In order to ensure that the best athletes join as coaches, the marks of educational qualification has been reduced and now instead, the exam will test the coaching aptitude of the candidate, and as a result the marks Sporting Achievements have been enhanced from 10 to 20, with an effort to get athletes who have participated and excelled in more sporting events.

To ensure a fitter coaching cadre, for the first time a minimum physical standard has been incorporated in the entrance criteria, as it will replace the 20 marks allotted to practical test in thr old system.

A candidate will be allowed at the age of 21, to appear for a competitive exam.This is a great opportunity for fresh candidates as it will allow them to straight come to diploma course instead of two years of compulsory waiting period.

Several relaxations have been made in the eligibility criteria especially in the sports achievement section, in order to create a bigger funnel to attract talent.

Now, candidates who have participated only once, either in the All India University Games or Khelo India University Games or Senior National Championship will be eligible to apply, instead of back then, the mandatory requirement of two times participation in All India University Games.


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