“No one did it better than you”- Eli Manning praises his Super Bowl nemesis, Tom Brady, on his glittering NFL career

With Tom Brady officially retiring, congratulations are pouring in from everywhere. One from Eli Manning happens to stand out in particular.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning
Tom Brady and Eli Manning

Tom Brady is now officially retiring from the NFL. After the earlier confusion and controversy about his retirement being announced, it turns out that Brady wasn’t planning on playing again, he just wanted to be able to make the announcement himself.

While numerous people did congratulate Brady when the reports came out, many of the players he played against took their time. As it turns out, waiting was the right thing to do given the whole controversy. Since the official announcement, many more congratulations have come in for Brady and one in particular, from an old Super Bowl foe, is quite compelling.

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Eli Manning pokes fun at Tom Brady by bringing up his two Super Bowls

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

In a video posted to his Twitter, Eli Manning was quoted saying “Hey Tom, just wanna congratulate you on an unbelievable NFL career. 22 years, 7 Super Bowls, multiple MVPs. No one did it better than you during your time. I watched you win a Super Bowl while I was in college, got to see you win a few while I was in the NFL and I saw you win one when I was retired. That’s a pretty impressive career.”

In typical Eli Manning fashion, he threw in a lighthearted jab saying “I appreciate your generosity in at least sharing a few of those Super Bowls with me.”

Something to note from the video is Manning specifically pointing out that Brady was the best to do it in his time. That implies that Manning possibly believes someone else is the true GOAT and it’d be very interesting to see who he thinks that is if it isn’t Tom Brady.

Manning’s congratulatory video is possibly the most ‘Eli Manning’ way of doing so. Classy and with a hilarious jab in there. Hopefully now with them both retired, we’ll get to see more interactions between the two and possibly some more stories about those two Super Bowls that Eli stole from Brady.

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