“Nobody gives a f**k about that sh*t”: De’Aaron Fox reacts to Marvin Bagley’s trade

De'Aaron Fox suggests the Kings are focused on the game rather than Bagley's trade rumors

DeAaron Fox (right)
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Marvin Bagley and De’Aaron Fox

The Sacramento Kings haven’t seemed to have found momentum to the early season openers this year. In fact, they have portrayed quite some destitute form over the past seasons. The franchise wanted to build a team around the young De’Aaron Fox, NBA’s fastest player. With only 3 victories and 4 losses the team is already placed at 7th position in the Easter Conference. The Kings have gone around trying a lot but all in vain.

Not only their trustable player has failed to perform but also a lot of controversies building around the team, it is also mentally challenging for the players and the team to keep up to the mark. One of the major drawback has been their trade saga dispute. Be it Marvin Bagley’s or Bogdan Bogdanovic’s free agency dispute. It has been very hectic for the team. Marvin Bagley’s parents recently made it to the tweeter demanding for a trade. The point guard Fox, seems to be unaffected.

Fox said, “Nobody is really worried about it, to be honest… Nobody is worried. People think I’m just trying to say the media, but like I told my people that ‘you know what, nobody gives a f**k about that s**t’. We had practise, we had game, nobody is thinking about it. Obviously we got an ass whooping yesterday… As far as the tweeter stuff goes, nobody is worried about it.”

Can DeAaron Fox and the Kings finally mark their impact this season?

The 23-year-old point guard opened up the trash takes in a recent podcast. He has transformed from being a young skinny guy to completely leading the Kings at thick and thin. Sac is although interested to trade Marvin and should. Kings haven’t been able to get the best out of him. He hasn’t shown any potential of being a good player being the 2nd all round pick. He has been consecutively injured and missing a lot many games.

DeAaron seems to be the player who has been marking levels. Along with guard Buddy Hield, they have had quite some off seasons but their form has been excellent. Hopefully Kings find the right motivation around their stars and make it to the playoffs.

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