“Nothing surprised me”- Colby Covington  after an impressive victory against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272

Colby Covington
Colby Covington

Colby Covington outwrestled his way to an impressive victory over Jorge Masvidal in their grudge match at UFC 272. The highly hyped blood match surely delivered after Jorge Masvidal was dominated in the majority of the fight as he couldn’t find a solution to Colby’s numerous takedowns, wrestling, and ground and pound.

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Colby Covington

“I’m never satisfied. I keep working” says Colby after a dominant victory

He also faked his injury as he said “Yeah that was just a bluff, I had no injury.” so a fully fit Colby Covington went on to dominate for 25 minutes against Jorge Masvidal who did not have any grounds set for his wrestling.

Having one of the best gas tanks in the UFC, Colby was ready for another 5 rounds as he said “ Nothing in there surprised me. Another dominant finish. Whooped his ass from second 1 to minute 25. You could see in his body language that he had nothing left to fight and I was ready for another 5 rounds in the parking lot.”

Colby Covington also called out Dustin Poirier after his fight as the two had been going back and forth in the media. But with this victory, he also has the chance to fight Kamaru Usman again for a 3rd time for the title as Colby would look to finally get one over Usman. With Khamzat Chimaev also bursting onto the scene, nothing is certain for his next fight.

“It wasn’t my best performance” Colby Covington critiques his performance at UFC 272

Colby Covington
Colby Covington wants Dustin Poirier next

Colby dominated most of the fight after being dropped only once in the 4th round by Jorge Masvidal as he showed his level of wrestling is 2nd to none in his division. “He was once my friend and now he is a backstabbing thief and he tried to make a lotta false narratives with the media,” Colby explains why it was a little tough fighting Jorge, who was once his friend.


He also stated why he faked the knee injury as he wanted to see who were the people on his side as there was no injury on the knee.

“Let the world watch it, man, it can be in the park or on the street.” Colby wants Dustin Poirier next as he guards his only stipulation to allow fans to watch the fight.

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