Djokovic led committee approves ATP’s new ranking system


A wave of enthusiasm can be felt among players, ever since the tennis world announced its resumption after a long period of standstill. However, when ATP has announced it’s packed schedule for matches within such a short span of time, it was very difficult for players to shift from one ground to another as it may also increase the risk of injuries.

Especially top players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal following their age, were even suggested by Toni Nadal to choose between tournaments.

It was a big decision for players to skip tournaments as they would lose points from previous slams and matches.

But now, as ATP has released it’s new rankings system to account for the unusual circumstances. This resulted as a big relief to players, especially for Swiss maestro Roger Federer who is skipping this year due to his knee surgery.

It has now emerged that the new rules have been approved by every member of the ATP player council, including president Novak Djokovic. The new ranking system has extended the period of 22 months rather than the traditional 52 weeks system.

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The only aim of this big decision is to safeguard every player on tour even if they skip few tournaments following health and safety concerns. Recently, World No.1 announced that he and rest of the council had unanimously approved the new system.

Speaking on ATP’s website, the 17 time Slam champion expressed about resumption of US Open and latter issues.

“We discussed it in the council and that decision was made because we wanted to protect the players that don’t want to put themselves to risk and to travel,” Novak said.

“Some won’t play until the end of 2020 and in this way the list protects them, they are not losing points. On the other hand, players who play will have a chance to earn new points. In this situation, I believe it was best option.” Djokovic further added.

Since a player no longer needs to defend their points in order to retain them, the president himself stands to benefit a lot from this new ranking system, as he will be able to keep this 2000 points that he had last year by winning Paris Masters and Madrid Open,
And 2000 points he won at Wimbledon.

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