Novak Djokovic fake Interview used for Bitcoin Scam in Serbia

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Novak Djokovic was recently entangled in a Bitcoin Fiasco wherein a Fictional Interview was staged by the allegedly anonymous group of defaulters. The interview proposed a statement where Djokovic was apparently promoting a scam ‘Bitcoin era‘ program.

Considering the influence and social reach of the Serbian star player, numerous followers, and admirers of the player invested in the scam program.

A reported by BLICK suggests that the whole website was staged for the sole purpose of organizing this fake interview so as to mislead the people into investing in the scam.


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The anonymous group of defaulters used a pretty direct way to frame the statements and quoted the following-

“My main way to earn money is a new program of automatic cryptocurrency trading called “Bitcoin era”. It is the best opportunity to acquire a small fortune in a short period of time that I have ever seen. I invite everyone to try it before the banks shut it down.”

The defaulters then attached and morphed a rather promotional picture of Novak along with the BITCOIN ERA tag name so as to fool the people and use DJOKOVIC as the bandwagon of their scam.

The statement further also continued in a way in which the alleged tried to justify their random claim so as to assure the people that nothing was fishy.

“Maybe you’re skeptical because it sounds too good to be true. I’m glad I tried it because it was the biggest and easiest money I’ve ever made. I’m talking about daily passive earnings, which amount to tens of thousands of dinars. This is the fastest way to stock up on money right now. But it will not last long because more and more people will discover it and the banks will shut it down forever,” the fraud statement from Novak Djokovic read.

The fake website also stated that the National Bank of Serbia had ordered the news channels not to air the Novak Djokovic interview where he supposedly made these claims.

Novak Djokovic team addressed the concern

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Following the above developments in this regard, Novak Djokovic’s Legal Team has been amicably resorting to the issue and has issued a statement stating what will their plan of action can be.

“The text and allegations on the topic of Novak’s alleged statement on cryptocurrency trading are not true. None of the details from that text are accurate or have any basis in reality. In order to prevent further speculations in that regard, the matter was taken over by Novak’s legal team. Which will, from the legal point of view, deal with it.” The team stated.

Taking the essence of the official statement issued by his official legal team, it is justified to say that appropriate legal action will be taken against the scamsters and the review about the details of the scam is being carried out currently.

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The preposterous claims made by the fake website and fraud organization were a result of the immense fan following and admirability of the Serbian tennis star. His calm and evaluative nature is the reason why the scamsters chose him as the bandwagon to this scam since people pay dire attention to his lifestyle and decisions.

This Incident is an example and a reminiscent of why we all should be really careful in where and how we financially invest our funds, since with growing digitalization and increasing scams it is quite possible that similar scams like this one occur in the future.

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