Novak Djokovic finally expresses his dismay against ‘criticism’

(Picture: TPN/Getty)

Ever since the Adria Tour was organized by the World No.1, critics had raised their eyebrows and was under the scanner. The tournament turned into chaos after 4 top-seeded players tested positive for coronavirus including Novak Djokovic himself. Unlike other events being organized in the pandemic, during the Adria Tour, players could be seen exchanging hugs and handshakes which formidably led the majority to get affected. Although, even after Djokovic issued an apology for his actions, a host of critics, players, and tennis enthusiasts still trolled and dishonored the Serbian.

Recently, in a recent interview with a Serbian magazine, Sportski Zurnal, Djokovic went onto express his dismay for the criticism being faced for the past one month. Djokovic stated that he felt there was a ‘witch-hunt’ against him since the remorseful events emerged, stating it was never intended to do so. Novak said, “Lately all I’ve seen about me have been ruthless, very malicious criticism. It seems obvious to me that this responds to a strategy, to a kind of witch-hunt against me. It is clear that when something happens, a person has to pay and it is interesting that some great name is to blame for everything,” as quoted by Sportskeeda.

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Djokovic felt that it was convenient for the fans and other critics to blame a famous name for the situation and the media had a huge role to play in this. It was devastating to see how Djokovic was isolated among all disarray transpired.

Among all this, there has been a good news coming, that the 33-year-old Serb is out of quarantine and has started hitting the tennis courts along with his fellow country mate Viktor Troicki.

Nevertheless, recently the Adria Tour has released their paced schedule revealing the long list of events to be held. The schedule is so jam-packed, that there is probably an event every week. Novak has re-affirmed his participation in events taking place in Madrid and Rome, also the French Open. Although no final say has been given by the former on his participation in the US Open. But has clearly stated that visiting the states, with the current pandemic situation is risky.

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