Novak Djokovic may not have the support but….. Dusan Lajovic on the world No.1

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Undoubtedly Novak Djokovic is unstoppable and probably unbeatable for now. He has even came back emotionally and mentally stronger after being under chaos for a long time due to his ill-fated Adria tour.

But with the GOAT race coming so close, Djokovic seems determined to chase the duo of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, in his quest to be the undisputed greatest player ever, and ‘its will take a superhuman effort to stop the world No.1’.

There are many who have gave their opinions on the matters over last few years. Recently Novak Djokovic’s good friend and fellow Serb Dusan Lajokic in a chat with Serbian Daily, weighed in on the debate as well.

He said, “Maybe. Novak Djokovic came a little later, since everyone was already a fan of Federer or Nadal. Then a third appeared.

If we look at their successes, it cannot be said that someone is one hundred percent better than the other,” said Lajovic.

Dusan continued, “They are very close and it remains to be seen who will finish as the best. On the other hand, Novak Djokovic is moving towards that and maybe that is one of the obstacles on that path to becoming the best.”

“He may not have the support of the audience, but what does he care? He’ll have the most Grand Slams. Work is work and you should not spend to much energy on things that you cannot directly influence,” Lajovic concluded.

The way he has played in recent past, he will surpass Roger Federer 20 Grand Slam in coming years. It remains to be seen how Nadal and new generation players challange him.

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