“Novak Djokovic might struggle for motivation at Australian Open 2021,” Wilander believes the Serb has questions to answer

Eyrosport expert, Mats Wilander believes that Novak Djokovic has questions to answer at the Australian Open 2021 and claims he might struggle for motivation after his French Open final loss to Rafael Nadal on Sunday.

Wilander casts doubts over Djokovic’s chances at the Australian Open 2021

Novak Djokovic was humbled by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open 2020 as he was defeated comfortably in straight sets on Sunday. Giving his views on the game and about Djokovic’s future, Eurosport expert and 7 time Grandslam champion, Mats Wilander believed that the Serbian might struggle for motivation at the Australian Open 2021 after his defeat on Sunday.

The German also believed that though Djokovic had more years of tennis left in him, Rafael Nadal was now the favourite to win the most Grandslam titles after his French Open title which took his tally to a record 20, equaling Roger Federer.

Mats Wilander speaking on Eurosport said, “Novak’s body and his game is more modern than Nadal’s and I think he can stay longer,Of course, it will hurt his confidence not having won at the US Open and then this defeat“But now he goes into training for the Australian Open where he becomes clear favourite – and he knows if he wins three Majors next year, which we predict every year will do, then he is up at 20 as well.

Mats Wilander casts doubt on Djokovic’s chances at Australian Open 2021

Wilander believes Djokovic has questions to answer at Australian Open 2021

Eurosport expert, Mats Wilander claimed that it will be tough challenge for Novak Djokovic to win the Australian Open 2021 for a third time in a row after his loss to Nadal on Sunday. He also believed the Serbian has questions to answer at Down Under and questioned whether he will be as emotionally involved as he was in 2018 and 2019.

Wilander said,“The question is emotionally whether he is as emotionally involved as he has been over the last two years. That’s the question I’d love to have answered in Australia.

The German also believed that Rafael Nadal had an opportunity to win the most Grandslam titles and go down as the most successful player of all time. He also claimed that despite Roger’s age he still has one more Grandslam title left in him.

Mats Wilander said,“I think today tells us that Rafa Nadal most probably has the best chance to go down as the greatest male tennis player of all-time.We have our doubts about Roger Federer of course, he can still win another one because he’s a genius.With Novak Djokovic being three behind now, he still has a good chance. With Rafa winning here now, it is probably giving him a couple of years to keep on going.”

With Federer returning to action in 2021, it will be an interesting year in the race for most Grandslam titles and all 3 of them would be looking to start off well by winning the Australian Open 2021.

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