Novak Djokovic visits controversial guru Semir Osmanagic, who claim that the ‘Bosnian Pyramids are a cure for COVID-19’

Novak Djokovic with Semir Osmanagic. Credits: Blick
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Novak Djokovic with Semir Osmanagic. Credits: Blick

The expectations doubles, the pressure doubles, when you’re in the limelight holding the position of the world No.1, you just cannot afford doing any single thing wrong.

But exacting opposite happened with the 17 time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic who still after quite a time facing a lot of backlash for hosting the most controversial and ill fated Adria tour.

Yesterday, Novak Djokovic visited the cultural site, ‘Pyramid’s of the Sun’ in Bosnia’s Visoko region but the highlight to the story is the Serbian was accompanied by the controversial pseudo-archaeologist and spiritual guru Semir Osmanagic, who is known for ‘making various scientifically refuted claims to promote the site as a tourist attraction’.

And here comes the shocking and surprising part Osmanagic, in an attempt to promote his endeavor has made a bizarre claim that the ‘Bosnian Pyramids are a cure for COVID-19’.

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Novak Djokovic with Semir Osmanagic. Credits: Visoko

Although, the claim has been repeatedly refuted by many experts including geologists and archeologists. But Semir Osmanagic who has no has proven background in any field related to archeology and is just an ‘enthusiast’ of pyramids continue to promote his claim.

As it’s a well known fact that the businessman-turned-author-turned-archeologists-turned-guru’s ‘ion theory’ has not been scientifically proven. Now the world No.1 visiting him is definitely going to raise a lot of eyebrows.

After what all happened at Adria tour, and now his meeting with the dubious archeologist, especially right after recovering from COVID-19, has now even complicated his image.

As we know that the Serbian is a firm believer in alternate therapy and has been engaged with another guru for several years that is Pepe Imaz. Now him visiting to Osmanagic has definitely made everyone bit more curious.

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