Novak Djokovic’s weeks as no. 1 will not be counted


Over a month everyone was speculating that Novak Djokovic’s week could not be counted as no. 1 as ATP had decided to freeze its ranking.

On Tuesday, the men’s tour has not commented on this but there was a confirmation that, “Djokovic would remain at 282 weeks until play resumes, which won’t happen until July 13 at the earliest. The Serbian, who held a 370-point advantage over No. 2 Rafael Nadal when the freeze was applied on the March 16, 2020 published rankings, has spent 282 weeks at the top.
“The ranking freeze also applies to other areas,” a translation read.

As Roger Federer has made a record at 310, Djokovic need only 4 weeks to tie Pete Sampras for second on the all-time list.

We all know about the suspension of all the sporting events due to coronavirus pandemic. It will extend because of increasing rate spread of this pandemic. The ATP and WTA will have the added issue of how to address the ranking structure once up and running again. Minimal exceptions to the rule such as the drop date for the ATP Finals and both the tours are currently operating with 52 weeks system.


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