NRAI Trials: Elavenil betters WR; Manu, Sanjeev, Vijayveer win T3

21-year old Elavenil Valarivan broke Apurvi Chandela's finals WR as all 4 of today's winners dominated in both finals and qualifications.

Elavenil Valarivan

Yesterday it was Divyansh Singh Panwar who had scored a WR-bettering 253.1 in the 10m AR Finals. Today another young prodigy Elavenil Valarivan repeated the achievement.

Apart from Elavenil, Manu Bhaker and Sanjeev Rajput dominated their respective T3 events while Vijayveer Sidhu also won comfortably in Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol.


10m Air Pistol

Manu Bhaker led from start to finish in the finals and showcased her sheer superiority in this event. Manu’s score of 243.7 was well ahead of 2nd-placed Padma D’s 240.2. Rhythm Sangwan, T2 winner, was 3rd.

Quota winner Yashaswini Singh Deswal finished 5th.

Manu was also head-and-shoulders ahead of the field in qualifications; her score read 584 while the 2nd-placed competitor’s was 577. Yashaswini scored 574 while 8th place went to 568-15x.

10m Air Rifle

Elavenil Valarivan was simply unstoppable in T3. Her finals score of 253 is better than the current WR held by compatriot Apurvi Chandela (252.9). Vanshika Rathore, who finished 2nd, also registered a good score of 250.5. 3rd place went to Meghana Sajjanar.

The qualifications were also topped by ‘Ela’; her score of 631.6 was just ahead of Ayonika Paul’s 631.3. Two other shooters, Shriyanka Sadangi and Meghana, also scored 630+. The cut off score was 625.7.

Apurvi and Anjum Moudgil however weren’t at their best. Anjum finished 10th with 625.2 while Apurvi scored a disappointing 621.3 to finish 22nd.


25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Vijayveer Sidhu had an excellent day after placing 1st in both finals and qualifications. Vijayveer shot 35 in the finals, which included 4 consecutive series of perfect 5s. 2nd placed Bhavesh Shekhawat scored 29 in comparison while Adarsh Singh was 3rd.

In qualifications, Vijayveer scored 586, well ahead of 581 scored by Gurmeet, Bhavesh and Adarsh. 6th-placed Gurpreet Singh shot 578. Anish Bhanwala could only finish 11th after scoring 573.

50m Rifle 3 Positions

Seasoned shooter Sanjeev Rajput continued the pattern shown by all winners today- dominating both finals and qualifications.

Sanjeev’s finals score- an impressive 462.2– was well ahead of 2nd-placed fellow quota-winner Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar’s 458.1. Rio Olympian Chain Singh finished 3rd.

Sanjeev also scored a good 1176 in qualifying. 2nd here too was Aishwary with 1172. The finals cut off was 1158-48x.


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