Nutrition Myth #4# : Body Can Not Digest More Than 30gm Of Protein In A Single Meal

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In misunderstanding of normal facts regarding food and nutrition, we have come across some myths. One of them is –

“One should not eat more than 30 gm of protein in a single meal as the human body cannot digest it”

This is not true. Why..?
Let me tell you some basic concept, How will we exist, if our ancestors didn’t take more than 30 gm of protein. Because they eat as much as they can when they get food and other thing is ,they had no idea about calculation of intake of protein.So, This statement is enough to prove the point.

In an article of National Library of Medicine, it was found that protein feeding pattern does not affect protein retention.p

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At last, It is clear from the above points that eating more than 30gm of protein in a single meal or number of meals does not effect digestion.

Actually our body is more smarter than we think. If we take more protein in a meal, our body will just take longer time to digest it.
On an average – A protein supplement like whey digests at 10g/hr and whole food protein digests at 4-6 g/hr.When we add other macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats, rate of digestion slows down.