“I Don’t Know Myself When I will Return,” Carolina Marin Opens up About Surgery after Injury

Carolina Marin will not be at the Tokyo Olympics this year, owing to a knee injury. In her latest social media post, she opens up about her hardships during her journey to recovery.

Carolina Marin
Carolina Marin
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Reigning Olympic Badminton Champion Carolina Marin will not be seen at the Tokyo Olympics this year. Marin had suffered an ACL injury as well as a meniscus injury just last month, and underwent surgery a few weeks ago, ruling her out of the Games this year.

Yesterday, 3 weeks after the ACL surgery, Marin posted on social media, talking about the hardships that she has faced this year and how it has hindered her from her road to the Tokyo Olympics. She also said that she is now ready for anything the world had to throw at her.

Carolina Marin

Marin spoke about the photo, saying it won’t be the best photo that she uploads, but that it was important to her. The photo is of her knee, that was operated on 3 weeks ago. She says that those war wounds will remain marked on her body for a lifetime.

"I will see them day by day and I will remember the hours and hours of effort, of daily work, the thousands of resignations ... And the great rewards that I will obtain. Because I will do it again." said Carolina Marin

“Resilience is a strong word in my life, because in the last 2 years I have not had it easy”- Carolina Marin

Carolina Marin
Carolina Marin
She talked about all the hardships she faced over the last 2 years. Resilience is a strong word in her life, because especially in the last 2 years she has not had it easy: the injury to her right knee, her father's accident, the pandemic, the loss of her father and finally the injury in the left knee.
She says that she will continue, without lowering her guard. Because many wars await her and her body is going to be prepared for it, although it will not be easy.
"I know it seems that I am the strongest in the world, but I am not. I have many moments of weakness and I have cried a lot, but I can tell you that behind those tears and that pain there is all the desire in the world to continue, not give up and come back. As soon as possible." said Marin in her Instagram post.
She talked about her return, saying that she didn't know when she was going to return. Even the doctors did not know when she was going to return; but when the time comes, she said she will be ready, waiting with a racket in her hands.
She thanked everyone for her support, and for helping her through her injury. She said that all the messages she received filled her with comfort and energy. She said that she will be back soon.

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