“There ain’t no flags in the NBA” – Fans left speechless as Noah Lyles SHOCKINGLY questions NBA’s ‘world champions’ claim after winning 3 gold medals

Noah Lyles questions NBA's 'world champions' tag, highlighting international sports diversity after his World Championships triumph.

“There ain’t no flags in the NBA” – Fans left speechless as Noah Lyles SHOCKINGLY questions NBA’s ‘world champions’ claim after winning 3 gold medals

Noah Lyles (Image via Imago)

In the world of sports, where athletes strive for victory and titles, US sprinter Noah Lyles has stepped into the spotlight. Noah Lyles recently clinched not one, not two, but three gold medals at the World Championships in Budapest. But his achievement isn’t the only thing making waves it’s his audacious comments regarding the NBA, the National Basketball Association, that have tongues wagging.

Lyles, a renowned track and field star hailing from the United States, didn’t mince words when he questioned the title of “world champions” that the NBA winners claim. He raised a thought-provoking query, how can they be called “world champions” when their games are confined within the borders of the United States? “World champion of what?” Lyles questioned.


Lyles expanded his argument, shedding light on the expansive globe beyond America’s shores. He hailed the diversity and international representation witnessed in events like the World Championships, which cater to athletes from various corners of the world, showcasing their prowess on a global stage.

The NBA, on the other hand, predominantly consists of American teams, despite boasting an extensive fan base worldwide. Lyles chose a fitting moment to voice his perspective, right after the Denver Nuggets secured the NBA championship and laid claim to the world championship title. However, unlike international sports showdowns that see a multitude of countries vying for supremacy, the NBA mainly features teams from within the United States.

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World champion of what? US sprinter Noah Lyles viciously roasts the NBA

Noah Lyles  (Image via skysports)
Noah Lyles (Image via skysports)

Lyles’ words aren’t his sole triumph. He substantiated his stance by winning in a relay race, an accomplishment that contributed to the overall victory of the U.S. team. This achievement carries significance, marking a triumphant return for the United States in relay races at the World Championships after a considerable period of time.

As the spotlight shifts to the upcoming Paris Olympics, where anticipation runs high, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await Lyles’ performance. Should he excel on that grand stage, he could etch his name in history by securing victory in three sprinting events a feat that places him in the esteemed company of legendary athletes like Carl Lewis and Jesse Owens.

Noah Lyles’ success story and his advocacy for enhanced global representation in the realm of sports have elevated his fame. With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, all eyes are set on Lyles’ races and the words he chooses to share.


The intriguing question now stands, How will the NBA respond to Lyles’ thought-provoking comments regarding their claim of being “world champions”? As the dialogue unfolds, the world of sports witnesses not only athletic prowess but also a compelling discourse on the meaning of true global champions.

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