Lindsey Vonn teases Eli Manning during a broadcast of ‘ManningCast’

Lindsey Vonn appeared on Manning Cast Week 10 alongside Eli and Peyton Manning to talk about her recent appearance on The Eli Manning Show.

Lindsey Vonn teases Eli Manning during a broadcast of ‘ManningCast’

Lindsey Vonn and Eli Manning (via People)

During her guest appearance on ESPN’s ManningCast this Monday, the notable sportswoman Lindsey Vonn teased Eli Manning. She refererred Manning as reminiscent of a figure from the comedic film “Dumb and Dumber”. Amid the match between the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos, Vonn joined the legendary NFL siblings.

The 39-year-old joined Peyton and Eli, demonstrating her humorous flair. In the course of the dialogue, Peyton inquired about Lindsey Vonn’s guest stint on the Eli Manning Show. She questioned if Vonn regretted her decision to participate within the initial minutes.


In addition to this, they showcased a clip where Lindsey Vonn assists Eli, who humorously mimics the famous scene involving Jeff Daniel’s character with his tongue stuck to a frozen pole from the aforementioned movie.

Yes, I mean, I definitely think I lost some brain cells.
Lindsey Vonn

Eli Manning’s classification of her intellect as either ‘Dumb’ or ‘Dumber’ prompted a humorous exchange with Vonn, which elicited shared laughter from the trio. The incident sparked a flurry of activity on social media from NFL enthusiasts and regular viewers of the ‘Manningcast’.

One viewer commended Vonn’s wit, stating approval with a lighthearted affirmation. Another spectator drew a parallel between her comedic prowess and her distinguished skiing tenure, deeming her contribution to the broadcast a distinct highlight.


One comment suggested that Lindsey Vonn’s range of attributes, including her appreciation for German language and humor, qualified her for a more permanent role. Additionally, an individual observed that Vonn’s participation significantly enhanced the enjoyment of the ‘Manningcast’.

Lindsey Vonn discusses about investing in women

Olympian Lindsey Vonn has leveraged her athletic winnings and astute endorsement deals to build an impressive investment portfolio. She boasts stakes in women’s soccer and volleyball initiatives. In an interview, Vonn expressed concern about the apparent inequities in funding dedicated to women’s sports, which can impact long-term success.

Lindsey Vonn in a file photo
Lindsey Vonn in a file photo [Credit-X]

She pointed to the often-cited financial struggles of women’s basketball. Moreover, she questioned the perception of its profitability while highlighting the positive returns on investment observed by team owners. Not only has the monetary performance been promising, but the surge in viewership also indicates a burgeoning momentum.


The 39-year-old also presides over the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. It is an organization with a mission to support and inspire young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their potential through education, sports, and the arts. The Foundation places equal emphasis on sports and educational initiatives.

It hosts empowerment camps designed to instill self-confidence and recognition of personal value, not solely within the context of sports. Vonn recounted the story of a scholarship awardee whose remarkable journey culminated in a snowboarding appearance at the Beijing Olympics. It is a testament to the impactful work of her foundation.

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