Olivia Dunne looks stunning in little leather costume during a night out in New York

Fans are amazed as Olivia Dunne, the renowned athlete, posts photos capturing her experiences in New York City.

Olivia Dunne looks stunning in little leather costume during a night out in New York

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit- The US Sun]

The Louisiana State University scholar and revered Sports Illustrated figure Olivia Dunne showcased her fashion flair on Instagram. She garnered praise for her impeccable style from a host of admirers. Her followers extol her perfection by calling her “flawless.”

Dunne stands out as one of the nation’s most beloved collegiate athletes. With her earning power from Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) endorsements and modeling pursuits reaching into the millions yearly.


With an impressive fan base nearing 12 million across various social platforms, Dunne frequently invites her audience to join in her global travels. She provides a glimpse into the life of a student-athlete. Supporters were enamored with the LSU standout’s recent depiction of her sojourn in New York.

In a story on Instagram, the accomplished gymnast was captured sporting a sleek, body-hugging black leather jacket paired with heels. Additionally, she circulated a TikTok video clad in a chic black jumpsuit, which met with prompt adulation in the comments section of her post. Her beauty and charm did not go unnoticed, with remarks such as “flawless beauty” and “What a babe.”

As Dunne prepares for her senior year at LSU this fall, she anticipates competing in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) gymnastics circuit. Her signing with Sports Illustrated in April and her subsequent feature in the Swimsuit edition marked significant milestones. However, the escalation of her notoriety has altered her collegiate experience.


Olivia Dunne reveals the secret dish that enhances her Thanksgiving feasts at LSU

Reflecting on the Thanksgiving holiday, the young entrepreneur, who has amassed a fortune at the tender age of 21, has publicly acknowledged her gratitude. Olivia Dunne rose to social media stardom at the beginning of 2020. During that time, she just started adjusting to life at Louisiana State University and navigating the challenges of quarantine. 

Olivia Dunne
Olivia Dunne [Image Credit- The SUN]

She began distributing her gymnastic routine recordings via TikTok. By the time 2023 dawned, Dunne had captivated an audience of approximately 10 million followers, firmly establishing her prominence on the platform. As the festive occasion of Thanksgiving looms on the horizon, celebrated LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne has disclosed her most cherished culinary tradition.

The LSU gymnastics team recently took to Instagram to broadcast a video montage that encapsulated the team members’ preferred Thanksgiving recipes. A focal point among the assortment was Dunne’s contribution. Cranberry sauce is the selection indicated by Dunne, a seemingly unassuming yet pivotal addition that remarkably enhances the holiday fare.


Amidst an array of culinary delights, the essence of cranberry sauce, according to Dunne, is ineffable, elevating an ordinary meal to one of celebratory note. Additionally, praise has been accorded to Dunne’s culinary prowess, particularly her rendition of macaroni and cheese. The dish garnered acclamation from a teammate as second only to the classic pairing of mashed potatoes and gravy among favored Thanksgiving offerings.

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