Paula Scanlan SLAMS gender-inclusive sports, fearing women’s safety might suffer amidst Lia Thomas’ dominance

Former teammate Paula Scanlan voices concerns about transgender athletes in women's sports, highlighting the safety-inclusion debate.

Paula Scanlan SLAMS gender-inclusive sports, fearing women’s safety might suffer amidst Lia Thomas’ dominance

Lia Thomas and Paula Scanlan ( Image via Imago )

A contentious discussion over transgender rights against women’s safety has erupted in the world of women’s sports. A former colleague of Lia Thomas, Paula Scanlan, has weighed in on the discussion, wondering why transgender rights are prioritized above the security and comfort of cisgender women. Scanlan’s viewpoint emphasizes the need to foster welcoming settings while making sure that everyone—including transgender and cisgender athletes—feels comfortable.

Lia Thomas, a former teammate of Paula Scanlan‘s on the swimming team, had a gender change, which sparked debate as she started to surpass other female swimmers. Some claim that she now has a competitive edge in women’s swimming because of her transition, perhaps denying other female swimmers of chances. Scanlan’s worries regarding transgender women in women’s sports are not unjustified, as many others have expressed apprehensions of a similar kind.


Paula Scanlan recently underlined the need to create safe environments for women in athletics, arguing that they shouldn’t have to choose between their safety and their rights. She recognized the need to allow transgender athletes to compete but emphasized how crucial it is to maintain the safety and respect of cisgender women in areas like locker rooms and on the field.

Her remarks are reflective of the larger discussion around transgender athletes. Some argue that this topic may unintentionally draw attention away from more urgent problems like the #MeToo movement.

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Navigating inclusivity and safety in sports

Paula Scanlan
Paula Scanlan ( Image via Olympic )

Paula Scanlan is worried since she has personal experience as Lia Thomas’ former teammate. She contends that although transgender athletes should be accepted and encouraged, cisgender women’s safety should not be jeopardized in the process. Her views are shared by many who are concerned that the fight for transgender equality in sports might unintentionally undermine the demands and issues of cisgender female athletes.

Scanlan vehemently emphasized that striking a balance is crucial in a recent article and hearing, highlighting the necessity for all athletes, regardless of their gender identity, to have areas where they may compete without fear or discomfort. She argues that concentrating just on transgender athletes risked obscuring other crucial concerns, such as tackling sexual assault and harassment in sports, which were brought to light by the #MeToo movement.

In the middle of this discussion, it’s critical to recognize that the problem at hand is complicated and that both sides have legitimate concerns. Finding a medium ground where cisgender women can still have access to just and equal opportunities while transgender athletes may participate in safety and with authenticity should be the top focus.


Finally, Paula Scanlan’s viewpoint clarifies the current debate about transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. While inclusion is crucial, protecting the security and welfare of cisgender women is also a top priority. It is a complex subject that calls for careful consideration and subtle solutions to strike a balance between transgender rights and women’s safety with the ultimate aim of building a sports environment where everyone may flourish.

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