Tokyo Olympics: Distria Krasniqi wins Kosovo’s second Olympic Medal, bags Gold Medal in Judo -48 Kg category

The -48 kg Judo sensation, Distria Krasniqi bags second medal for Kosovo at the Olympic Games by winning Gold Medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Distria Krasniqi Tokyo Olympics
Distria Krasniqi

Distria Krasniqi banged the gold medal for her country at -48 kg Judo at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Krasniqi is ranked number 1 in the world rankings, and with this medal, she secured the second medal for her country Kosovo at the Olympic Games.

Krasniqi has been extremely successful throughout her career, and a gold medal at the Olympic Games, was the only gem that wasn’t in her crown, this is such a big moment for an athlete, and Krasniqi has earned every inch of it.

Krasniqi started the tournament really strong with an Ippon Victory over Chibina Gabriela of Brazil with a perfectly executed O-soto-ogoshi at Elimination Round of 16, then she moved on to the quarter-finals and faced LIN Chen-Hao of Chinese Taipei, and she again finished the fight with a spectacular O-Soto-Gari and scored an Ippon.

Her semi-final bout was against MUNKHBAT Urantsetseg of Mongolia and this was a tough one, but she managed to score a Waza-ari, and won the fight to advance to the finals. In the final fight, she fought the Tonaki Funa of Japan at her home-turf, but Krasniqi was in another league and score a Waza-ari to snatch the gold medal away from the Japanese Judoka at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Funa Tonaki of Japan wins Silver Medal in the -48 Kg category, fell short in front of Distria Krasniqi

Distria Krasniqi and Funa Tonaki
Distria Krasniqi and Funa Tonaki

The Japanese Judoka, Funa Tonaki won Silver Medal in the -48 Kg category of Judo at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Funa defeated the former two times World Champion Daria Bilodid in the semi-finals and entered the finals to face Krasniqi.

Although, she fell short in the final but she still secured to win the first medal for Japan at the Tokyo Olympics in the form of a Silver Medal.

Daria Bilodid and Urantsetse Munkhbat secured Bronze Medals

Daria Bilodid
Daria Bilodid

The former Two Times World Champion from Ukraine, Daria Bilodid finally added the missing piece in her perfect resume, i.e. an Olympic Medal as she won Bronze Medal in the -48 Kg category at the Tokyo Olympics.

Urantsetse Munkhbat
Urantsetse Munkhbat

Urantsetse Munkhbat, gold medallist of the 2013 Judo World Championship also won Bronze Medal for her country, Mongolia as she lost to Krasniqi in the semi-finals and defeated Catarina Costa from Portugal in the Bronze Medal fight.

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