Who is Hifumi Abe? Know all about Japanese Flamethrower his Bio, Net Worth, Career Achievements, coach, and parents

Hifumi Abe is a Japanese Judoka, he is going to represent Japan in Olympics 2020. The flamethrower is known for his explosive techniques and aggressive onslaught, know about this rising star.

Hifumi Abe
Hifumi Abe The Flamethrower
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NameHifumi Abe
Date of Birth9 August 1997
Birth PlaceKobe, Japan
Current World Ranking5
Major AchievementsUndefeated in 2016 and 2017

Hifumi Abe is a Japanese Judoka, he competes at -66kg and is currently the world champion in this weight class. The Japanese star is going to be competing at the Olympics this year, and he is one of the Japanese Judo team’s best hope to win the gold medal this year.

Abe busted into the international scene by becoming the Youth Olympic Champion in 2014, he then went on to win the Tokyo Grand Slam, and he was only 17 years old when he defeated the then-World Champion Masashi Ebinuma. This marked the starting of his incredible journey, and now he is all set to fulfill his lifelong dream of winning the Olympic gold.

Hifumi Abe’s Bio

Hifume Abe
Hifumi Abe

Hifumi Abe was born on 9 August 1997 in Kobe Japan, his nickname is “Flamethrower” and he is known for his explosive and aggressive approach, his favorite techniques are Sode Tsurikomi Goshi, and Seoi Nage. Abe defeated his arch-rival Josiro Maruyama to earn his spot for the 2020 Olympics, now he is ready to compete in the Olympics alongside his sister Abe Uta, and he says as her elder brother he can’t afford to lose.

Hifumi Abe’s Career Achivements

Hifume Abe career achievements
Abe’s career achievements

Abe’s career has been significant, he is one of the most decorated Judoka to walk this earth. Abe remained undefeated in 2016, he won a gold medal at All-Japan Championships, Grand Slam-Tyumen, and Grand Slam-Tokyo. In 2017, he won a gold medal at Grand Slam-Paris, World Championship- Budapest, and Grand Prix- Tokyo.

In 2018, he won a gold medal at Grand Prix, Yekaterinburg, a bronze medal at Grand Prix- Zagreb, a gold medal at 2018 World Judo Championships, Baku, and a silver medal at Grand Slam- Osaka

Hifumi Abe coach

Hifume Abe's coach
Abe’s coach

Abe is training really hard to achieve his lifelong dream of winning that Olympic gold, the 66kg world champion is currently being managed and coached by another Japanese legend, Tadahiro Nomura.

Nomura holds the record for winning three straight Olympic gold medals, he is the only Judoka in the world to do so, and Abe is aiming to beat his record by winning 4 straight gold medals, in a recent interview Abe said, “I want to work even harder, together with someone who knows all about the Olympics, to get the best results at the Tokyo Games.”

Hifumi Abe Net Worth

Abe is considered one of the most popular and richest Judoka’s around the world and his net worth is estimated around $1 Million. Since he became World champion his net worth has been increased significantly and he became a millionaire at the early age of 24 years.

Hifumi Abe Parents

Hifumi Abe
Hifumi Abe’s family

Abe started his training back in 2003, he was only 6 at that time, his hometown is Hyogo, and he started competing in elementary school. His father’s name is Koji, Koji is a firefighter at Kobe City Fire Department. His father serves as a big-time inspiration for him, and he wishes to make his parents proud at Olympics 2020.

Q. How old is Hifumi Abe?

Abe is 23 years old

Q. How much do Hifumi Abe weigh?

Abe weighs around 66kg (146lbs)

Q. How tall is Hifumi Abe?

Abe is 5ft 6inches tall around 168 cm.

Q. What is Hifumi Abe’s net worth

Abe’s net worth is somewhere between $1-6 million.

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