Tokyo Olympics: Karate Live Results Women’s Kumite 61 Kg

The Serbian Karateka, Jovana Prekovic won Silver Medal in the women's Kumite 61 Kg event of Karate at the Tokyo Olympics. Here are all the Karate Live Results for women's Kumite.

Karate Live Results Women's Kumite 61 Kg
Karate Live Results Women's Kumite 61 Kg

The day 14th of the Tokyo Olympics Games marked the fights of the 61 Kg women’s Kumite Karate. This weight category consisted of 10 women representing ten different countries, who are divided into two groups of five-five each. Catch here all the Karate Live Results of Women’s Kumite 61 Kg.

The first two rounds are round-robin, followed by a knockout round. The Chinese wrestler, Yin Xiaoyan topped group A and won all of his four fights, she entered the semi-finals with a score of 8, Merve Coban from Turkey was the second woman from group A to enter the semi-finals with a score of 4.

Serbian athlete, Jovana Prekovic topped group B with a score of 8 points and stayed undefeated on the league stage. The second Karateka that qualified from group B was Giana Farouk from Egypt. Now Yin Xiaoyan will face Giana Farouk in the first semi-final and Jovana Prekovic will be facing Merve Coban in the second semi-final.

Tokyo Olympics: Jovana Prekovic from Serbia claimed Gold Medal in the women’s 61 Kg Kumite

Jovana Prekovic Tokyo Olympics
Jovana Prekovic

The Serbian athlete, Jovana Prekovic won Gold Medal in the women’s 61 Kg Kumite event at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. She stayed undefeated during the group stages and defeated Giana Farouk from Egypt, Anita Serogina from Ukraine, Alexandra Grande from Peru, and Btissam Sadini from Morocco.

Prekovic faced a tough challenge from the Turkish athlete, Merve Coban in the semi-finals, but she defeated her and moved to the finals. In the finals, she faced the Chinese opponent, Yin Xiaoyan who was the favorite to win this fight, but Jovana Prekovic defeated her and won Gold Medal for Serbia at the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics: Yin Xiaoyan from China secured Silver Medal in the Karate 61 Kg Kumite

Yin Xiaoyan Tokyo Olympics
Yin Xiaoyan

The Chinese Karate player, Yin Xiaoyan claimed the Silver Medal in the women’s 61 kg Kumite Karate Event at the Tokyo Olympics. She also stayed undefeated in her pool fights and defeated Merve Coban from Turkey, Mayumi Someya from Japan, Leila Heurtault from France, and Claudymar Garces from Venezuela.

In the semi-finals, Xiaoyan defeated Giana Farouk from Egypt by a score of 1-1 and advanced to the finals. She was the favorite to win a Gold Medal in this weight category, but she fell short in front of the Serbian athlete and secured a Silver Medal for China at the Tokyo Olympics in women’s Kumite 61 Kg.

Karate Live Results: Merve Coban from Turkey won the second Bronze Medal in women’s 61 Kg Kumite

Merve Coban Tokyo Olympics
Merve Coban

The Turkish Karate player, Merve Coban became the second player to win the Bronze Medal in the 61 Kg Kumite category of the women’s karate. Coban faced a loss against the Chinese opponent, Yin Xiaoyan in her very first group stage fight. Then she moved forward and faced one more loss against Leila Heurtault from France.

After that, Coban secured a dominating win against Claudymar Garces from Venezuela and Mayumi Someya from Japan. These two wins helped her to qualify in the semi-finals. She faced the Serbian athlete, Jovana Prekovic in the semi-finals and lost the fight by a score of 2-0. That lead him to win a Bronze Medal in Karate for Turkey at the Tokyo Olympics.

Karate Live Results: Giana Farouk from Egypt secures Bronze Medal in the women’s 61 Kg Kumite at Tokyo Olympics

Giana Farouk Tokyo Olympics
Giana Farouk

The Egyptian Karate player, Giana Farouk from Egypt secured a Bronze Medal for her home nation at the Tokyo Olympic games 2020. She started her group stage matches by facing a loss against Jovana Prekovic from Serbia in her very first fight and defeated Btissam Sadini from Morocco in her next fight.

After that, she secured one more win against the Karateka from Ukraine, Anita Serogina. Giana Farouk moved forward and secured a win against Alexandra Grande from Peru in her final pool stage fight. Giana Farouk faced the Chinese opponent, Yin Xiaoyan in the semi-finals. Although, they both scored one point but Xiaoyan’s point was scored from an attack that’s why she advanced to the finals and Farouk won the Bronze Medal.

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