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Twitter in shock as bill for Tokyo Olympics comes to WHOPPING $10.4 Billion

The total bill for the Tokyo Olympics has raised quite a few eyebrows amongst twitterati.

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been the one most memorable in a very long time, after being held during the Covid-19 pandemic and in very hard times. After being postponed for over a year due to the hardships that the world faced. Yet the Olympics served as a ray of hope and great opportunity for the world to get together from their homes and celebrate the best sportspeople in the world.

 However, the latest Olympic Committee meeting has finalised the total cost of hosting the Olympic Games in Japan- 1.42 trillion yen or $10.4 billion. This is estimated to be double the budget that was initially proposed in the bid for the Olympics. The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee held its last meeting late Tuesday, and will disband soon.

“In the face of unprecedented difficulties, all the parties concerned worked together tremendously for the success of the Games and for carrying it off safely and securely,” Seiko Hashimoto, the organising committee’s President said according to moneycontrol.com. However, the budget for the Olympics have managed to raise quite a few eyebrows, as twitter users had their own opinions.

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Twitterati express shock and disappointment as Tokyo Olympics bills wrack up on tax payers

Tokyo Olympics

In shocking news, 55% of the Tokyo Olympics bill footfall was to be filled by the tax payer of Japan. Needless to say, not many people were happy about the decision, especially after the budget went to twice its limits.

Some fans even said that hosting the Olympics was not worth it anymore, since the costs seem to be getting too high.

There were however others who felt that the Tokyo Olympics were worth hosting.

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