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Omen vs Viper: Who is the better Controller?

The controller is an essential agent in any team composition of Valorant. There are 4 controllers in Valorant. In this article, we will compare two of the best controllers in Valorant.Omen vs Viper: Who is the better Controller?

Omen vs Viper: Who is the better Controller?
Omen vs Viper: Who is the better Controller?

Controllers are often regarded as the follow-up fraggers of the team. They are known to set the site up using their vision blocking abilities to slice up the site or parts of the map in order to win the round. They are often expected to enter the site after or even along with the duelists. There are 4 controllers in Valorant. In this article, we will compare two of the best controllers in Valorant.

Omen vs Viper

Omen used to be the uncontested best controller in Valorant and Viper used to be the most ignored agent. But things have changed a lot in the past few patches. Omen got several nerfs in multiple patches. On the other hand Riot games kept buffing again and again making viper one of the best if not the best controller in Valorant.


Smokes are the signature ability of all controllers. They may look similar but there is a huge difference between Viper and Omen smokes. Viper has toxic smoke alongside her toxic wall on the other hand Omen has a hollow two black smoke with a cooldown. The hollow Omen smoke allows players to camp inside the smoke. The Viper’s smoke takes away 30HP from the enemy immediately if someone touches it. One of the best advantages of Omen’s smoke is the easy to put one-way smokes whereas you have to learn line-ups to put one-way with Viper smoke.

Omen vs Viper Smokes
Omen vs Viper Smokes

Pros of Omen

Omen get a Paranoia alongside his 2 smokes and that only enhances his controlling abilities. Opponents has no way to dodge the paranoia if they get caught by it they will get nearsighted for sure.

Omen also gets a pair of teleports as his C ability. Omen can quickly teleport to the higher grounds to get an extra edge over opponents. There are some clever tricks with this ability that good Omen players often use.

Omen has one of the best Ultimate abilities in Valorant. Omen’s Ultimate is so valuable in multiple situations. Omen can get a lot of information with his ultimate but the most valuable aspect of Omen’s ultimate is the quick rotates and cheeky spike plants.

Omen - Omen vs Viper
Omen – Omen vs Viper

Pros of Viper

Alongside the poison orb, the viper gets a long Toxic wall. This long wall can block multiple entries and exits all at once. The additional damage with the smoke also puts extra pressure on enemies.

Vipers toxic bite is one of the strongest mollies in Valorant right now. It does damage as well as make enemies vulnerable which means they take twice the amount of damage as soon as enemies steps foot on the molly. These 2 mollies also open up multiple delays in the post-plant.

Viper has a really strong Ultimate ability as well. This is the strongest Controlling ability in Valorant now. Enemies take 30 damage with continuous decay damage as well which leaves enemies 1HP very quickly.

Viper - Omen vs Viper
Viper – Omen vs Viper

Conclusion – Omen vs Viper

Omen and Viper belongs to the same category but their abilities makes them so much different.

Viper is better in Breeze, Split and Icebox as she can block multiple angles with a single walls and commit to the site.

Omen is better in Haven, Ascent, and Bind as these maps are heavily relays on rotates, and Omen can manipulate and commit to the site in the last moment with his rechargeable smokes.

Viper is better for the defensive plays as she can delay both plant and defuse with her toxic bites.

Omen is better for aggressive plays as he can use his paranoia to near sight enemies and also get cheeky higher grounds with his teleports.

Download Valorant and try out both controller and give your views on Omen vs Viper.

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