“Open scoring could lead to a lot of bad third rounds,” says Dana White

Dana White is not in favour of open scoring as he believes that could possibly lead to a lot of bad third rounds.

Dana White on open scoring.

A lot of controversial decisions have been given this past year and many fans as well as the fighters have asked for open scoring so that the judging would be somewhat fair. But UFC President Dana White is not in favor of open scoring as he believes it will lead to “a lot of bad third rounds”.

He said, “If a guy knows that he’s up two rounds and you’re a professional fighter, you can absolutely stay away from a guy for an entire round and make the fight completely horrible. If you already know you’ve got two rounds in the bag, guarantee if you saw your score up there, all (you) have to do is stay away from this guy for the next five minutes. That makes for a lot of bad third rounds.”

He further added, “When we do the fights, I have an idea of who I think won or lost or whatever, but when I’m standing there with the belt, I don’t know what Bruce Buffer is going to say,” White said. “He doesn’t tell me anything. The judges tell him, the commissions do their thing, they tell him, and I’m standing there waiting to hear too, so I’m just as blown away as the fans are. And I agree with you: It completely takes away the anticipation of who won the fight.”

Can we expect open scoring in the future?

Dana White

“It’s never going to be perfect, there are always going to be fights that absolutely drive you insane and piss you off, blow your bets, there will always be all these other things that go with the fight business. At the end of the day, watching the fight and waiting for the results are fun.”

Dana White always says that if you want to be certain about your victory then never leave it in the hands of the judges but as long as the open scoring goes he is not ready to make that change.

Although they are working hard to improve the standard by referring to the contest and educating judges about the scoring system as much as they can, so improvement is indeed happening in this department.

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