Pamela Rosa Net Worth, Endorsements, Bio, Parents, Career Achievements and more

As skateboarding makes its debut at the Tokyo Olympics, take a look at one of the medal favourites, Pamela Rosa net worth, endorsements, career achievements, parents and more.

Pamela Rosa Net Worth
Pamela Rosa
NamePamela Rosa
Other sources of wealthEndorsements, Prize money
Net Worth$1 million
EndorsementsNike, Silver Trucks, G-shock
Relationship statusSingle
Last UpdatedJuly 2021

Brazilian Skateboarder Pamela Rosa will be going into the Tokyo Olympics ranked no. 1 in the world, and is shaping up to be one of the most dominant forces in women’s skateboarding. Rosa won four of the five events at the Olympic qualifiers last year and was the World Skateboarding Champion in 2019.

Rosa recently received the Comitê Olímpico do Brasil Award from the Brazilian Government for her contribution to skateboarding. At just 22 years old, Rosa will be going into the Tokyo Olympics as a favourite to win a medal. Take a look at all you need to know about world no. 1, Pamela Rosa net worth, endorsements, parents, career achievements and more.

Pamela Rosa Net Worth 2021

Pamela Rosa Net Worth
Pamela Rosa Net Worth

Pamela Rosa’s estimated net worth in 2021 at the age of 22, is an impressive $1 million. She has also received prize money for finishing on the podium at the X Summer Games, where first place takes home $50,000.

Rosa has won 2 gold medals at the X Summer Games, 3 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal, making her total prize money at an estimated $250,000. She also receives a salary from her sponsors.

Pamela Rosa Endorsements

Pamela and Nike SB ENdorsement
Pamela and Nike SB ENdorsement

Pamela is sponsored by several big companies including Nike SB, Bones Bearings, G-Shock, Mvituzzo, Silver Trucks, Mob Grip, TNT Energy Drink, Banco and Posso skateboards.

Rosa is a part of the Silver Trucks team, a Brazilian company that makes skateboards, and comprises a team of high-level athletes. Bone Bearings, GoPro, and Nike SB are some of her other favourite brands when it comes to skateboarding equipment.

All About Pamela Rosa Parents

The Rosa Family
The Rosa Family

Pamela was born on 19th July 1999, in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Pamela grew up with her sister, and her parents Evania and Paulo Rosa encouraged her to start skateboarding. She was first interested in skateboarding when she saw her sister’s friend using it. Rosa originally wanted to learn BMX, but her parents pushed her toward skateboarding as it was a safer option according to them.

Pamela Rosa: Career Achievements Throughout the Years

Pamela Career Achievements
Pamela Career Achievements

At just 22, Pamela is the current world no. 1 going into the Tokyo Olympics. She first entered the international circuit in 2014, and has finished on the podium every year since, except for 2017. She took a gold at the 2019 World Skateboarding Championships, and won 4 out of the 5 events at the Olympic qualifiers.

Take a look at Pamela Rosa’s achievements throughout the years.

Summer X Games Austin 2014Silver
Summer X Games Austin 2015Silver
Summer X Games Austin 2016Gold
Summer X Games Oslo 2016Gold
Summer X Games Norway 2018 Bronze
Summer X Games Norway 2019Silver
World Skateboarding Championships 2019Gold

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