Parker Boudreaux

WWE Performance Center’s newest recruit Parker Boudreaux feels that the world of pro wrestling is about to change. The reason for the change will be Boudreaux himself.

Parker is often considered to be a Brock Lesnar lookalike. But Parker has mentioned on several occasions that he isn’t the second Lesnar but the first Boudreaux. Lesnar’s on-screen manager, Paul Heyman has also called him “The Next Big Thing”.

Triple H was asked if Parker’s popularity will get him fast-tracked to NXT. Hunter reminded that even Lesnar was not trained to be a pro-wrestler. Similarly, Parker’s body is of a footballer and needs to be trained for in-ring performances.

As soon as WWE announced his signing, Boudreaux took to Twitter to share a couple of tweets.

WWE announced largest class of PC recruits

wwe gigi dolin parker boudreaux - FirstSportz
Gigi Dolin and Boudreaux were a part of 2021 WWE recruits

This week, WWE announced the largest class of Performance Center recruits. The list included Boudreaux, who was a college football star. He quit the sport to pursue a career in pro wrestling. The list also included known names like Taya Valkyrie and Bronson Rechsteiner, son of Rick Steiner.

Wrestlers like Valkyrie and Boudreaux have developed a strong following on social media. Parker is already so popular that his merchandise is being bootlegged. Such popularity indicates that we might soon see them on WWE TV.

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