Parupalli Kashyap Believes that BWF’s Tournaments Should Begin From Next Year


London Olympics quarterfinalists Parupalli Kashyap said that as the current coronavirus pandemic has halt the sporting events across the world so the Badminton World Federation (BWF) should start its tournament from the next year.

The 33 year old Kashyap said that competition means travelling from one place to another which can be a series challenge to players.

Kashyap felt there was no other option for the BWF but to freeze the rankings; the tougher part was how it would unfreeze them. “For, you can start thinking about that only when the BWF calendar is finalised. And again, they have to keep in mind India being affected very late by [COVID-19], we are yet to start full-fledged training sessions unlike those in Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Denmark,” he said.

From my perspective, the online sessions monitored by Gopi Anna and the fitness trainer Dinaz are ensuring that all the academy players maintain the desired fitness levels, if not with the same intensity as we do in the stadium,” he said.

“Yes, personally, the injury breaks were more frustrating for me than this ‘lockdown’. At least you can do some shadow practice, do some exercises in the gym unlike when injured you can’t just move,” Kashyap, who suffered more injuries than many of his contemporaries at the wrong time of his career, said.

Frankly, I had a back injury in Spain before this virus had hit the world and would have been out of action for four weeks. So, I must say this lockdown is a blessing in disguise as it gave enough time for me to be fit and back on court and training really hard with the Indonesian coaches, too, helping us a lot,” revealed Kashyap.

“In a way, personally, I have realised that we can do a lot of strengthening exercises at home also during this lockdown,” he said with a big smile.

“Obviously, it is very tough to stay away from the badminton court, but doing some online courses of Indian Oil Corporation (where he is Senior Manager) to get a feel of what the organisation does on various fronts – like how IOC is into supplying fuel for flights inclu
ding the hazards involved,” he explained.

Kashyap also said that for every athlete safety is always the first priority, we can’t risk our lives for sport. Here I fully supports BCCI president Saurav Ganguly’s statement that he doesn’t believes in sports when there is a risk to human life. Now, Kashyap is spending time with his wife Saina Nehwal and family.


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