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Paul George poor clutch shooting may doom his excellent overall numbers this season

PG's poor 4th quarter performance may ruin his stats incredibly

Paul George

The Los Angeles Clippers lost their second game in a row today against the Boston Clippers. After a tough patch up, the team was finally showing signs of improvement. Despite injuries, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard took their stance for the team. They led for the front to take the team all up to #4 spot in the West. However, they haven’t been in the most advantageous position after their rivals Utah jazz and LA Lakers losing bac-to-back games. Paul George has not been able to provide in the clutch moments despite his best scoring season.

The Clippers lost 112-117 against the Celtics today. After a stiff battle in the first half, the game seemed slipping out in the next. However, Clippers covered the deficit of 12 points in the last 4 minutes. But when the team needed the most in the 4th, Paul George wasn’t able to score. He missed 3 triples in a row which could have levelled the score. However, he ended with 32 points which was the individual highest for Clippers. The absence of Kawhi is really backdrop for the team.

Paul George’s embarrassing clutch moment may ruin his great season

After the game against Boston Celtics, it was PG’s second game in a row where he struggled in the fourth quarter. In the last game against the Milwaukee Bucks, he had similar problems. He shot 1-9 then from the field. In these 2 games, he has 7 points altogether. He is 3-19 from the field and has made only 1 triple with 11 attempts. His clutch shooting % has now dropped by 25%.

Paul George is averaging 23.4 points per game this season. After a terrible last season, he had major improvements to his game. Other than the last two games, he is getting the score to roll continuously for the Clippers. The Los Angeles Clippers were #2 in the West. But now they have descended back to #4. They are behind Suns, Lakers and Jazz in which they thought to be a promising season so far. However, George has been quietly putting his works over his past performance. They are desperate to go further into playoffs. Hopefully their desperation pushes their motivation in accomplishing so.

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