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Paul Heyman felt a character on WWE Raw was “dead”

Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara was told by Paul Heyman that his character on the Red brand was “dead”.

Paul Heyman

Cinta de Oro (formerly known as Sin Cara on WWE) was released by the company in 2019. He has since returned to Mexico to compete. A couple of months, prior to his release, Sin Cara was brought back to Raw.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion was brought to the main roster along side Catalina Garcia (aka Katrina Cortez). But he revealed that he “saw the writing on the wall.”

Katrina was the first ever Chilean wrestler to be signed by WWE. Her first call up involved teaming up with Sin Cara. The duo was involved in a feud against Andrade and Zelina Vega. But it has been revealed that the objective of teaming them up was to put over Vega and Andrade.

WWE had no long-term plans for neither Katrina nor Sin Cara. Paul Heyman, who was heading the Red brand then, himself admitted to Sin Cara that his character was “dead.”

Sin Cara teamed up with Katrina to face Andrade and Zelina Vega

Sin Cara and Katrina

Not so long ago, Paul Heyman was the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw. He oversaw most of the angles on the Red brand and had even selected a couple of fresh faces for a big push.

Andrade was one of the Paul Heyman guys and was trying to give him as much time on WWE TV as possible. In order to make him and Vega look stronger, a brief feud with Sin Cara and Katrina was planned.

The storyline lasted for a short while, post which, Katrina was sent back to the WWE Performance Center. Sin Cara was ultimately released from the company and incidentally, Andrade and Vega too are no longer associated with WWE.

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