Paul Pogba vs Graeme Souness war of words continues


Football is on hold but not the animosity between Liverpool captain Souness and Pogba. He is an outspoken critic of Pogba since Pogba 89 Million return to United. Graeme Souness responded to Jibe by telling Manchester United to ‘put your medals on the table.’

Pogba said “I didn’t know who he was, really. I heard he was a great player. I don’t stay and listen to what they’re going to say after a game, and why they’ve done this.”

In response to this Souness said “I’m happy with that. The oldest saying in football comes to mind: put your medals on the table.”

“I have got a big table.”

Souness has a very successful career with three European cups with Liverpool, winning five league titles. Pogba cabinet is also full of trophies. Four Serie A title while he was at Juvetus, Europa cup with united and a world cup medal.

But second spell of Pogba is comparatively lean and he has made just two appearence since September. Pogba made it clear while speaking about critics in public that he is only concerned about his teammates and manger.

He also talked about the football that you will hear bad stuff but if you know your worth and your teammates it doesn’t matter and people will speak because they like it.

For the time being it doesn’t look like the war of words will stop anytime soon.


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