Petr Yan feels like Aljamain Sterling would dodge the rematch with him

Petr Yan Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan is a rematch to make after what happened between these two at UFC 259. But it looks like Sterling have some other plans on his mind.

The former champ Petr Yan landed an illegal knee to grounded Aljamain Sterling and was stripped off his title and was disqualified, Sterling walked away with the belt that night, but it wasn’t how he wanted to win the belt.

Now after all this these two were supposed to face each other but it looks like Sterling has some other plans, he was involved in a stare-down with Henry Cejudo and Yan believes he will dodge the rematch with him to face Cejudo.

In a recent interview he said, “One time he says one thing, different time he says different thing. Then, the stare down with Cejudo. Everything tells me he doesn’t want to fight me again. He understands he lost this fight; he understands it’s going to happen again. I feel like he doesn’t want to fight me again.”

“The first day when I lost the belt, Cejudo started talking about coming back,” Petr Yan makes a valid point

Petr Yan Henry Cejudo
Petr Yan and Henry Cejudo

Petr Yan believes Henry Cejudo is afraid of him as well, and to support his argument he said,

“As you remember, when I became [the] #1 contender for the belt is the time when Cejudo retired. And now, the first day when I lost the belt, Cejudo started talking about coming back. He doesn’t want to fight me. For me, now the goal is to get the rematch and Cejudo can be next after that.”

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