PFL 5 results: Rory Macdonald loses to Gleison Tibau via split decision at the main event

Gleison Tibau wins the biggest fight of his career as he beats Rory MacDonald via split decision in the main event of PFL 5.

Gleison Tibau after his win

Gleison Tibau manages to pull off a controversial split decision win against Rory MacDonald at PFL 5. The main event fight causes dispute over that win.

After the judges gave out their decisions, MacDonald and many other people watching the fight were upset as the scorecards favored Tibau at the main event of PFL 5. Two judges gave Tibau a score of 29-28 while the other judge favored MacDonald the same score. MacDonald was upset after the decision and walked off the cage. But Tibau couldn’t care less given this is the biggest win of his career.

Rory was the most dominant fighter in the fight as he was in control for most of the fight. Rory’s striking was great and his grappling completely outclassed Tibau. But unfortunately the judges did not see the same. MacDonald also got into some interesting positions as he was almost able to submit his opponent. But Gleison did suppress the danger Rory’s grappling came with.

Rory MacDonald demands investigation after PFL 5 loss

PFL 5 main event
Rory MacDonald at PFL 5

Rory does not seem to be happy after the PFL 5 main event as he lost via a controversial split decision against Gleison. He was dejected in the post-fight press conference. “I’m very disappointed,” MacDonald told reporters. “I believe and everyone I talked to, and everyone online, scored the fight for me. Even three rounds to zero, so I think it was a clear robbery. I thought I was dominant in this fight. It was a hard fight. Gleison brought it, and respect to him, but I believe that I clearly won that fight and I think that this should be looked into.”

MacDonald can claim for an investigation by filing a complaint with the New Jersey State Athletic Control board. “I was totally sure,” MacDonald said. “I was so surprised when the first judge, they announced and scored it for him. I was shocked. But when I heard the split decision that he got it, I was blown away. What do you say? I just didn’t see it that way at all.”

How did you guys score the PFL 5 main event between Rory and Gleison?

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