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Twitter reacts as Kayla Harrison remains undefeated, finishes Taylor Guardado to win PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship 2021

Kayla Harrison will now most probably cruise to test free agency for biggest deals possible outside PFL for which she has rightly earned for.

Kayla Harrison PFL 2021

Kayla Harrison remains true to her words and she is indeed the hottest prospect outside the UFC that will become probably the best free-agent ever to be dealt with in MMA history. Kayla Harrison put on a show as she submits Taylor Guardado to remain the PFL Women’s Lightweight Champion.

Kayla Harrison has extended her record to 12 wins and no losses. This is her fifth submission win. What holds next for her is probably testing her free agency after having a title and a million dollars in hands to settle with some time and wait for some good deals.

Kayla Harrison vs Taylor Guardado round by round analysis

Kayla Harrison

Harrison comes out as an obvious favourite against Guardado, who’s just on her fifth professional MMA bout. Harrison dominates the first round by surviving a powerful right hand from Guardado, only to use it to cover her distance for a clinch and tripping Guardado to settle on top of her, from where she lands a flurry of punches. On getting back on stand up, Harrison rocks Guardado once.

In the second round, Harrison submits Guardado via armbar as the latter was worn out and couldn’t answer to Harrison’s pressure on the ground, only to give up her arm at the end. The fighters immediately hug it out as a gesture of respect. Another dominant victory for Harrison

Twitter reacts to another day of Kayla Harrison’s dominance in the PFL women’s lightweight division

Kayla Harrison PFL 8

Here are some of the reactions to Harrison’s finish, MMA journalist Ariel Helwani chose humour as he puts out a money shot GIF and captioned “Imagine not thinking Kayla Harrison is one of the ten best female fighters in the world. She wins via a second-round armbar. And now …”

Harrison’s training centre American Top Team gave their congratulations wishes as well!

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamian Sterling tweets “I feel sad for Taylor. But there’s no shame in losing to Kayla Harrison. She’s next level on the ground and in the clinch game. #PFLChampionship

MMA journalist Josh Gross puts “Easy work for Kayla Harrison. Add another million to the bank. I’d love to see Harrison compete against Nunes or Cyborg. I think that makes Taylor Guardado the only mixed martial artists to lose by armbar to Harrison and Ronda Rousey (amateur fight).”

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