Phantoms in Minecraft: Spawn, Attacks and more!

Phantoms in Minecraft are mobs that fly and hurt the players on sight! Down below we discuss its attacks, spawns, drops and more to help combat the mob!

Phantoms in Minecraft
Phantoms in Minecraft: All you need to know

Minecraft has a very small number of aerial mobs that may hurt the player but they are all very dangerous. In this article we take a look at the Phantoms in Minecraft.

Phantoms are mobs that may try to harm the players if they haven’t slept or died in a few days. These spawn in the Overworld and may also kill the player if they are not careful. Being aerial makes them distinct from other mobs and are definitely one of the more unique designs.

Down below we take a look at the Phantoms in Minecraft.

Phantoms in Minecraft

Phantoms in Minecraft
Phantoms in Minecraft

These are flying undead hostile mobs that will spawn whenever a player hasn’t slept for more than 3 days or hasn’t died even once, in those days.

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Phantoms in Minecraft

These spawn in the Overworld sky, once the player hasn’t slept or died in 3 days. Players can avoid them very easily by sleeping at regular intervals within 3 days. Phantoms in Minecraft only spawn at Night or during Thunderstorms and attack the player if they are in its line of sight.

Generally they spawn in groups of 1-4 based on the difficulty.


Phantoms in Minecraft
Phantoms in Minecraft

Phantoms are aerial mobs and therefore they like to keep their distance and swoop in to deal damage whenever possible. When not in the line of sight, they will circle overhead leaving a trail of grey particles.

They are very fast and upon locating a player they will swoop down to attack them. Upon attacking one time they will fly up again and repeat the process.

However, when players hit them on their way down they reset their attack and move upwards again. They will continue this until they die.

Phantom Weaknesses

Phantoms in Minecraft
  • Phantoms are undead mobs and thus they can be hurt with the Smite Enchantment for the Sword.
  • They are also harmed with Instant Health effects.
  • They burn up if in sunlight.
  • Phantoms are scared of Cats and will not approach them or the players that are near them.


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